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Andrew Cuomo: Why Is Chelsea Handler Praising Him?

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Chelsea Handler has always made her political leanings known to the world. She is not one to hide her stance on any political matter either. That is why her praise for the Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo raised a lot of eyebrows. And most of it was about his policies and leadership in combatting Coronavirus. So let’s take a look at what the Governor did to receive this praise!

Chelsea Handler goes to Twitter!

In the past two days, Chelsea has repeatedly tweeted praises for Andrew Cuomo. Here are some of them:

These are some amazing words for any public office holder. But it gets even better. Chelsea was even willing to let go of her feminist ideals to praise the Governor of New York!

This is some serious praise coming from Handler for the Governor of New York. However, this begs the question – What exactly has Andrew Cuomo done to warrant this praise? Let’s check it out!

Cuomo’s struggle against Coronavirus

As of right now, New York state has more than 30,000 active cases of COVID-19 coronavirus (SARS-CoV2). This makes it the worst-hit state in the United States, and one of the worst-hit regions in the world, only behind Germany, Spain, Italy, and China. Such extraordinary circumstances require strong-minded leadership, which Andrew Cuomo has given to the people of New York. That is what Chelsea Handler is acknowledging on Twitter right now. This is how Cuomo is putting a fight up for New York:

1. He has been upfront in telling the truth

Andrew Cuomo on Coronavirus: Why Is Chelsea Handler Praising Him?

Governments all around the world are often scared of revealing the truth to their people. They do that in order to downplay a crisis and avoid any kind of panic to set. However, Andrew Cuomo has been a breath of fresh air in that regard. Not only has he not hidden any facts, but he has also openly disclosed the severity of the issue to the people of New York. He quoted former US President, Franklin Delano Roosevelt in one of his press briefings, stating that:

Things are going to get worse and worse before they get better and better and the American people deserve to hear it straight from the shoulder. Tell the people the truth, tell them the facts. And the facts are comforting. And that’s my job and that’s what I’ve been trying to do.

As a result of this belief in the truth, he has always told New Yorkers the real scope of the issue. That is in complete contrast with Donald Trump, whose press briefings end up confusing Americans instead of reassuring them. He is filling a void of leadership that the United States needs right now, as MSNBC discussed it here:

2. He did not back down against Donald Trump

As we all know, Donald Trump isn’t the easiest person to work with especially if you’re in government. And it becomes more difficult during the time of a Pandemic. However, Andrew Cuomo has directly confronted Trump on his policies. He openly criticized Trump’s policy of trying to get the US reopened by Easter. Cuomo categorically said that the social and health consequences far outweighed the economic consequences of Coronavirus.

And not just that, Cuomo openly begged that Trump supply New York with 30,000 ventilators to treat Coronavirus patients. Moreover, Cuomo admitted that once the apex is reached and the number of cases reduces in New York, he himself will go out of his way to help the state with the next biggest number of cases:

Adding to that, but he also openly called out Donald Trump on Twitter when he criticized Cuomo for not doing enough. After all, Trump regularly tries to shift the blame on others in his press conferences and briefings. Here’s the tweet.

These confrontations with Donald Trump must be a major reason why Chelsea Handler is such a big fan of Cuomo. After all, Handler has never hidden her distaste of Trump and his presidency.

3. He’s been a true leader for New York in a time of crisis

Andrew Cuomo: Why Is Chelsea Handler Praising Him?

Coronavirus has become one of the defining global crises of our lives and it will change the world forever. However, leaders who acted swiftly at this time will be remembered for generations to come. And Andrew Cuomo is definitely making a name for himself among those leaders. He announced way back on the 3rd of March before COVID-19 cases skyrocketed that insurance companies in New York will waive cost-sharing associated with testing Coronavirus. That is a huge sigh of relief for many people living in the state.

New Yorkers, including Chelsea Handler, are taking great pride in their governor right now, so much so that they began the Twitter trend #PresidentCuomo in honor of his services to the state. He went on Twitter to applaud the citizens out there still providing essential services and hailed them as heroes, saying:

In response, many citizens rightfully declared him as one of the heroes too, thus starting the trend of #PresidentCuomo.

This is how Andrew Cuomo has set himself apart from Donald Trump in a time of crisis. He is resolute and uncompromising on his principle to save the people of his state. Moreover, he admired New York’s pro-immigration and globalization policy, despite it being a reason for the spread of the virus. That is why he is getting praised by the likes of Chelsea Handler and other citizens of New York. Therefore, it’s safe to say that the Governor of New York is coming out strong in this struggle against Coronavirus. We hope he is successful!

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