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Why Is Coronavirus Called COVID-19?

Why is it called Coronavirus? And why is this Coronavirus called COVID-19?

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Diseases, viruses, and their names can get a bit tricky sometimes. But, once you go down into their history, it gets really fascinating. Therefore, I decided to look up the names ‘Coronavirus’ and ‘COVID-19’. I previously wrote on the origins of the disease, but never its name. After my research, what I found was that these two are way different from each other. One of them is a virus, while the other is the disease. So, let’s look at the difference between the two, and proceed further from there.

What’s the difference between a virus and a disease?

So, thing is that a disease is a sickness that we get. If we’re sick, then we have a disease. But, the cause of sickness is a virus. That’s the deal over here.

So, which ones the disease and virus in the case of Coronavirus?

In the case of Coronavirus, the name of the disease is Coronavirus disease 2019, or in short, COVID-19. Yup, it’s that simple. It’s just a small acronym that WHO decided. And the name of the virus that causes it is severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2, or SARS-CoV-2. But surprisingly, the virus existed way before 2019!

How old is this virus?

The word ‘Coronavirus’ actually existed long before 2019. It’s the name of a family of viruses, and it first came into existence back in 1968. Its name is derived from the Latin word Corona, which literally means crown. Now, this family of viruses isn’t some kind of kings among viruses, even though we might think like that considering how much it has changed our lives. But, the reason why it’s named corona is because of the many spikes on the virus, that make it look like it has a crown. Here, take a look:

Why Is Coronavirus Called COVID-19
Wikimedia Commons

See those red spikes? They’re proteins, but they give the virus the look of a crown. Hence the name Coronavirus. Honestly, etymology and the history of names is always a very interesting thing to read. But, I hope I kept it as simple as possible for you guys because believe me it can get VERY boring. But, this is the simple difference between Coronavirus and COVID-19.

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