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Where's The 'Jane The Virgin' Cast Now?

Where’s The ‘Jane The Virgin’ Cast Now?

Jane The Virgin ended quite a time back but that doesn’t mean we’re over the show. How can we even be? It was an amazing rollercoaster ride, full of love, thriller, suspense, drama, and romance. And I personally am on the hunt to find something similar but I’ve realized. Nothing could ever match up to the masterpiece that was Jane The Virgin.

So if like me, you still can’t get enough of Jane The Virgin then read on ahead to see where you can see the cast in next.

Jane – Gina Rodriguez


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While Jane The Virgin was on the air, Gina Rodriguez managed to be everywhere. We can only imagine what she’s up to now that she has all that time from JTV.

Gina took on the role in the live-action remake of Carmen Sandiego Reboot. And for those who love her voice acting skills and mystery will get to hear her voice Velma in 2020 animated reboot of Scooby-Doo, Scoob. Starring along with stars like Zac Efron, Amanda Seyfried, Will Forte, and Frank Weller. She’s also producing a show called ‘Diary of a Future President’ focusing on a Latina girl wanting to be the president of the United States. Other movies she’s starring in include ‘Awake’ and ‘Bobbie Sue’.

Rogelio – Jaime Camil


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Jaime will be starring in the new CBS comedy pilot, ‘Broke’ alongside former NCIS actress Pauley Perrette. Moreover, he’ll also be seen in the debut project from Jay and Silent Bob star Jason Mewes called ‘Madness In The Method’. He also lent his voice for the finale season of Bojack Horseman as Todd’s father Jorge Chavez. Jaime Camil is scheduled to star alongside former NCIS actress Pauley Perrette in the new CBS comedy pilot.

Petra – Yael Grobglas


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Yael kept herself busy even while filming Jane The Virgin. When she wasn’t playing Petra, she would be guest-starring on other CW shows like Crazy Ex-Girlfriend or Supergirl. She’s starring in a TV movie called ‘The Selection’. Apart from that, she has no projects lined up but she is expecting a baby!

Rafael – Justin Baldoni


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Justin Baldoni loves giving back. He recently helped fundraise for the Zach Sobiech Osteosarcoma Fund in memory of Nathalia Hawlay. He also helps cancer patients follow their dreams and grant their final wishes.

Baldoni also directed and produced a documentary for comedian Shane Burcaw, a man with Spinal Muscular Atrophy only dreaming of being a comedian. He also directed the popular romantic movie starring Cole Sprouse and Haley Lu Richardson, ‘Five Feet Apart’. Moreover, Justin Baldoni is directing another movie starring Sabrina Carpenter, ‘Clouds’.

Xiomara – Andrea Navedo


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Next up we’ll see the fierce Xiomara star alongside Annabella Sciorra in a drama called, ‘God The Worm’. It’s based on a woman who tries to get her big break in musicals as she tells her life story in New York. She’s also starred in a few episodes of TV shows ‘Elena of Avalor’ and ‘Mrs. America’.

Michael – Brett Dier


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He was seen in the 90s spin-off series of The Goldbergs called ‘Schooled’ while also doing Jane The Virgin. However, it has not been confirmed whether it would return for another season. Brett Dier is also starring in a sci-fi film called ‘After Yang’.