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Jane the Virgin Cast Actively Fight For Immigrant Rights in America

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Okay, before we get into this article. I have to come clean. I’m pretty biased about Jane the Virgin. Right now, I think that’s the best show ever. Of course, there are other shows that have taken my heart as well but Jane the Virgin feels like my first love who I will never forget about. It was when I realized the show was much more than a show. It represented the best parts that the entertainment industry had to offer: an authentic story about interesting characters who by no means lead perfect lives but aspire to be good every day. That’s the beauty of Jane the Virgin cast. What Jane (Gina Rodriguez), Raphael (Justin Baldoni), Xiomara (Andrea Nevada), Alba (Ivonne Coll), Michael (Brett Dier), Rogelio (Jamie Camil) taught me. Even the initially vicious Petra (Yael Grobglas) and Luisa (Yara Martinez).

The best part about this stellar cast is that the people behind the characters actively engage in different social issues. Their main efforts revolve around fighting for immigrants. We saw this infused in the story as well when Alba finally got her citizenship in America.

Here’s how the amazing Jane the Virgin cast actively fight for the immigrants in the United States of America.

One Day at a Vida Challenge

While Trump’s policies are making refugees and immigrant families live much harder, there are plenty of organizations trying to help the victims. One of those organizations is the ‘Immigrant Families Together’. The organization aims to provide support to asylum seekers when they are released. They recently started the “#OneVidaAtaTime Hug Challenge’ where people can raise awareness and funds for ‘Immigrant Families Together’. All they have to do is post a picture on their Instagram profiles with their loved ones and show what the hug means to them and add this hashtag.

Jane the Virgin cast didn’t miss a beat in taking a part in this challenge:

Jamie Camil posted a picture hugging his daughters:


Gina Rodriguez took part in the challenge as well.


For those who know Gina Rodriguez really well, it’s not surprising to see this. She never misses a chance to talk about the troubles of her Latina community in the US:

View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Gina Rodriguez-LoCicero (@hereisgina) on

Save Isabel Campaign

Maria Isabel Bueso was born with a rare genetic condition in Guatemala. Doctors in the USA invited Isabel to take part in a research study to help test out a treatment for the disease she was suffering from. Maria Isabel was admitted to the US-based on a deferred action program that carters to immigrants needing medical treatment. Although the treatment did not create a proper cure for the disease, it did prolong Maria’s life. Not only that but the doctors used this data to help others suffering from similar diseases.

Isabel and her family stayed in the US so that the treatment could be continued. She could not receive this in her home in Guatemala because it wasn’t available there. Her family has lived here for 16 years legally. Now, that’s all about to change because of Trump’s policies. The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service made an announcement that they won’t accept deferred action requests based on the medical treatment program.

That means that Isabel and her family are facing deportation. She tried to prolong her deferred action status but the USCIS denied that request. All her doctors and family say the deportation is basically giving her a death sentence. Without her medical treatment, that is only available in Guatemala, she could die.

Justin Baldoni Speaks Up And Urges Everyone to #SaveIsabel

Jane the Virgin cast took note of this issue and do whatever it takes to increase the awareness of what Isabel is going through. Justin Baldoni posted a heartfelt post where he posted a video of Isabel speaking at the Congress. He stated that he’s proud of Isabel for taking such a stand and fighting for her life and others that are being affected by the policy change.

Let’s continue to use our collective voices to speak up and speak out against injustice and promote compassion. Helping others makes us stronger. #weareonehumanfamily. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart. 🙏🏼❤️ And Isabel, I’m in awe of you and we will keep fighting with you and for you!

Moreover, Justin Baldoni explained how you can do your part to help Isabel:

You can help Isabel by asking your local representatives to support private bill H.R. 4225 and to demand the medical deferred action policy be reinstated as it was before. #saveisabel

Even Gina Rodriguez posted about this on her social media multiples times. Moreover, she has the #saveisabel on her Instagram bio.

The actor who plays Gina’s on-screen dad, Jaime Camil reposted about this as well:

View this post on Instagram

#Repost @justinbaldoni: My dear friend, Isabel Bueso (Who some of you may recognize from My Last Days or when she visited the @cwjanethevirgin set) is one of the brightest lights I know and desperately needs our help. . Isabel and her beautiful family moved to the United States over 16 years ago so that she could get the medical care she needs to survive. Now because of a change in policy they are being deported despite a plea from her doctors and lawyers to the government stating she would die if forced to leave the country. . Isabel's family immigrated here legally, have jobs, own their own home, and are model citizens. Isabel graduated college at the top of her class while balancing countless surgeries and weekly treatments. They are not a burden to this country and all they want and DESERVE is to become American citizens. My heart breaks for Isabel and her family and for ALL of the others like her being forced to leave this country. . WHAT CAN YOU DO? 1.Please share Isabel’s story with the hashtag #SaveIsabel on all of your social platforms. 2. Tweet the president and sign the Change.org petition (link in my bio)

A post shared by Jaime Camil (@jaimecamil) on

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