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How Jane the Virgin Did Injustice To Michael's Character

How Jane the Virgin Did Injustice To Michael’s Character

Jane The Virgin is a show with a telenovela twist. Although it is a bit more dramatic and magical than real life is, it touches upon topics like sexuality, pregnancy, immigration in a kind way. The impact this show has had on its audience has been immeasurable. And it’s one show that will always stay close to my heart.

The five whirlwind seasons ended too quickly, in my opinion. However, even though I am team Rafael (Justin Baldoni) in Jane’s love triangle, I do think Michael’s character was treated unjustly.

Michael (Brett Dier) had been Jane’s boyfriend before she was artificially inseminated by Rafael’s sperm. And she even went on to marry him. Only for him to die later on in the show. But that wasn’t the end to Michael. He dramatically rose from the dead with a new identity. And if you haven’t watched the show, this would seem very confusing to you. But if you have, then you also would agree with me. Let me present my argument.

Jane The Virgin’s Injustice To Michael’s Character

Firstly, I think Michael’s death was amazingly written. He didn’t die when he was shot on his wedding night which would have been too predictable and cliche. He died very unexpectedly, just how real life is. His death was emotional and not something any of the fans were expecting. Even though I didn’t like Michael for Jane (Gina Rodriguez), even I couldn’t help but be sad. His death meant something. But the fact that he came back to life as a robotic, emotionless man that was Jason completely shattered the audience’s image of Michael. He died a hero, protecting Jane and Mateo from Sin Rostro. But this Jason was nothing like Michael and bringing him back just decreased the significance of Michael’s death. Which he didn’t deserve.

Did Michael Deserve This?

Also, the timing of his “resurrection” was absolutely bizarre. Basically, the writers were trying to prove that Jane did not settle for Rafael as a second choice, she PICKED him even when she could’ve had her first love (Michael). So, he was only back to prove that Jane wasn’t moving on from her first husband just because he’d died. When the show had previously tried to show the audience that it was perfectly okay to do. When Alba didn’t want to commit to Jorge because she felt like she was dishonoring the memory of her first husband. But the show taught us that was okay. So why wasn’t it okay for Jane to do the same? Using Michael like that just dishonored his memory way more than moving on from his death would have.

While I didn’t want Jane to end up with him, at least Jane and Michael had a beautiful love story. But bringing him back to solidify Jane and Rafael’s relationship is just doing him dirty, tbh. And Michael got everything was taken from him, his life, his wife, his career, everything. And on top of it. He wasn’t dead. But it was Jason that was alive. So what would happen to Michael’s memory? Jane and the family couldn’t very well go to his grave and keep the memory alive. It was like he just got erased from everyone’s lives. And Michael did not deserve that.

So bringing him back like that really put a dampen on his entire character, his love story with Jane and even Jane and Rafael’s love story. What do you think? Did the writers do him dirty? Also, Team Michael or Team Rafael?