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What We Know So Far About F is for Family Season 3

F is for Family Season 3: What We Know So Far

F is for family season 3 is dropping on 30th November on Netflix. Here's what we know so far about the next season

The animated cartoon targeted at adults that depicts the life of a middle-class family in the 1970s of America is going to return soon. F is for Family Season 3 is going to air on 30th November! Fans are excited about what this next season might bring. Here’s what we know so far about F is for Family Season 3.

Bill Burr and Michael Price bring back F is for Family. Again, they provide the modern audience a chance to understand the tough time of the 1970s in America. It was an era where if you indulged in sexism and racism, subtle or blatant, you could get away with it. However, Bill Burr manages us to explore the characters in insightful ways. The American dad of the 1970s, known to be devoid of empathy and compassion, is given an incredible character depth. The show doesn’t just have entertaining scenes of the head of the family, Frank Murphy, screaming at his kids, yelling, “I’ll put you to the fucking wall,” but also some touching moments where you have a profound sense of sympathy for each character in the show.

The cast of Season 3 of F is for Family

The leading voice cast of F is for the Family returns to make us roar in laughter again. We have, of course, the Murphy family: Bill burr (Frank Murphy), Laura Dern (Sue Murphy), Justin Long (Kevin Murphy), and Haley Reinhart (Bill Murphy). Their rock star neighbor Sam Rockwell (Vic).

A new addition has been made to the cast! Vince Vaughn is set to enter the F is for Family universe by playing Colonel Chet Stevenson. Chet seems to be a suitable companion for Frank Murphy’s Bull Burr. The duo appears to possess similar levels of uncontrolled anger, which anyone could receive at any time.

Haley Reinhart’s Bill Murphy will get a new love interest in the likes of a sweet girl with a not-so-sweet mouth. Bridget Fitzsimmons will surely bring us new surprises in F is for Family. But the latter would probably attract our little Bill more towards her.

Possible Plotlines for F is for Family’s Latest Season

Season 2 ended on a confusing note. Frank and Sue had an intimate night, after which they discovered a hole in the condom that was used. So, it’s pretty likely that another member will come into the Murphy family. Or maybe the showrunners will go a different direction and dive into the topic of abortion? It’s anyone’s guess.

The new characters of Chet Stevenson and Bridget Fitzsimmons will probably give way to exciting new adventures for the Murphy clan. Frank has found a perfect best friend that will alter Frank’s personality, but it’s exciting to imagine the many ways it could. Bill finding love in Bridget may give us an adorable and romantic story arc of the youngest Murphy member in F is for Family. However, knowing the realistic and cynical tones of the show, F is for Family Season 3 would be packed with gut-wrenching sad moments and messy scenes of quarrels among the Murphy family.

F is for Family season 3 will be available on Netflix on the 30th of November, this Friday! Stay Tuned!