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Sure Entries For Golden Globes 2019 Nominations

Sure Entries For Golden Globes 2019 Nominations

The Golden Globes 2019 are not very far. And it is time to look ahead toward the potential nominations of the upcoming awards.

Robin Wright for House Of Cards

The House of Cards actress Robin Wright stands top of the list in Golden Globes nominations 2019 predictions. The widely acclaimed Netflix political thriller walked out with unfortunate disgrace. Firstly it lost its leading man Kevin Spacey due to a sexual harassment case. And later, its final season 6 could not appeal to the audiences. The only saving grace for Netflix’s House of Cards was its latest president Robin Wright, who furthered the brand’s quality and carved a niche with her dominating, pioneering portrayal of the USA’s first female president.

However, with the luck of critical admiration for the several-time Emmy nominees last season, it is doubtful that the show or its main cast would go on to grab another Emmy nod. Hence, it would be sensible to grant Robin Wright a parting gift with a Golden Globe 2019 nomination. Robin Wright secured a place on the Golden Globes 2019 nominations list, and her massive Inventory of fans would leave no stone unturned in aiding Wright to emerge as a winner eventually.

Sharp Objects As Limited Series

Our horse to bet upon to join the list of Golden Globes winners is the HBO limited series Sharp Objects. The sultry, sexy, and thrilling tale based on Gilliam Flynn’s novel features the two-time Glove winner Amy Adams. Sharp Objects stood out with its unshakably grim atmosphere and outstanding cast. The 8-episode psychological thriller forayed into a rare genre, Southern Gothic, and told stories with stunning visuals, a dark atmosphere, and masterful direction and performances. The emotional troubles, the murders, and the mysteries all give Sharp Objects the odds to occupy seats in the Golden Globes 2019 nominations.

The Good Place

The Emmys 2018 royally snubbed The Good Place. And the Golden Globes pick up whatever the Emmys leave behind. The Good Place show has proven to be a hilarious and eccentric Afterlife comedy that deserves a seat in the Golden Globes 2019 nominations list. The Golden Globes have already honored Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. Hence, Golden Globes 2019 will likely allow newcomers to occupy places in its nominations. The Good Place has aired three beautiful seasons, and no one disappointed us. It will be satisfying to see the well-deserved sitcom finally stand in a competitive race.


Sam Esmail’s Homecoming on Amazon, starring TV newbie Julia Roberts, is the kind of thing Globe voters would love. Amazon has already added a Golden Globe to its cap with its popular comedy series The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. There is overwhelming acclaim pouring in for the podcast-based psychological thriller. It is, hence, inevitable that the Golden Globes 2019 nominations will offer the series its welcome gift. The Homecoming is a series that roots firmly in the military. And with its haunting mystery and dynamic portrayals by the debutantes, it would be the last thing not to occupy a seat in the Golden Globes 2019 nominations list.