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Kendall Jenner Surprises Fans By Appearing At David Dobrik’s House

Kendall Jenner posted a social media hanging out with David Dobrik and his YouTuber friends and did anybody even see this coming?

Name a more iconic duo than Kendall Jenner and David Dobrik, and we’ll wait. What most of us probably did not see coming was Kendall and David hanging out together. But it’s happening and not just some flying gossip. In fact, it’s more than just true because there is a social media video showing Kendall Jenner hangout with David Dobrik and his YouTuber pals.

After it got major attention from the public, it turned out that Kendall was attending the birthday celebrations of YouTuber Zane. And apparently, it’s a mutual friend who got her right at Dobrik’s house. Seriously, could fans be any happier that two models finally meet?

Kendall Jenner Attends Birthday Celebrations At David Dobrik’s House

Apparently, there was a party at David Dobrik’s house to celebrate the birthday of fellow YouTuber Zane. And considering that Kendall Jenner and David Dobrik have a mutual friend- Stassie, Jenner joined the celebrations. Apart from Jenner, Dobrik assembled a whole army of people with some cake and booze, and his party really hit it off!

In a tweet under this one, she explained that bringing Kendall Jenner to the party was not something that should be accredited to David Dobrik. But instead to Stassie who has known the model since she was only 11.

We have all made our peace that Kylie will always be on everything on YouTube. But Kendall has been a rare sight on the social media platform. And that’s maybe why fans were shaking as she made an appearance on Dobrik’s vlog.

Also, Happy Belated Birthday Zane!