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What is Nikita Dragun's ethnicity?

What is Nikita Dragun’s ethnicity?

A lot of fans have been questioning Nikita Dragun’s ethnicity for a very long time. They all are even getting a little more than curious as the beauty queen has been posting a lot of pictures and videos on her social media wearing too much tan.  And when you know that you are a social media influencer and a lot of your fans are from a diverse ethnicity. Then you need to give respect to their feeling as too much tan can sometimes lead to some people thinking you’re blackfishing (altering one’s appearance to appear Black when you’re not). So, a couple of months ago Nikita Dragun posted a few pictures on her Instagram in which she was wearing a lot of tan and a braided wig.

Then recently, she is seen wearing ‘Playboy X Missguided’ clothes on her social media to promote the brand. And she is covered in tanning lotion from head to toe. Now some of the fans think Nikita is using this tan look just to get more likes and engagement on her pictures. While others are thinking she changes ethnicity every week. I remember some of the old YouTube videos in which Nikita has talked about her father and mother’s side of ethnicity.

Let’s clear out all the misconceptions regarding Nikita Dragun’s ethnicity

A lot of fans have been asking Nikita about her ethnicity. And one of the very repeated comments in her recent Instagram post is ‘Sis is a new race every day’. Now you all must be thinking why are they posting such sensitive comments. And one of the main reasons is Nikita has been called out by her fans a lot of times for using blackfishing. One day she posts something wearing a bright foundation and the very next day she posts something with too much tanning lotion on. So everyone is kind of confused about Nikita’s background.

A few years ago Nikita posted a video with her parents in which she talked about her paternal side.

sddefault Nikita Dragun

“My family is really diverse. My father is a Vietnamese background, serving in the army. And you know, he has since retired served 28 years. In my culture and on that side of the family. I mean we technically don’t have a really out person who has been you know kind of different or gay or anything in between.”

Then she posted another video in which she talked about her maternal side.

“Despite all the suregry, I actually still look like my mom, my bilogocial mother since birth. My Latina (Mexican) mother.”

Nikita Dragun

In this beautiful mother-daughter collab video, Nikita talked about her acne and hyperpigmentation marks. And the reason why she goes a little carried away with the color corrector and concealer.

“I have gone through a vast journey with my skin and being a Latina and Asian descent. I have a very big problem with hyperpigmentation, even skin tone. I didn’t just get all the goodness from my mother but I also got some crazy things that we inherited.”

I solved the mystery

So now we all know Nikita is half Vietnamese and half Latina. But we really don’t know why Nikita uses the tanning lotion or tanning filters. A lot of people have been waiting for an apology statement for using blackfishing and hurting the feelings of people of color.

What to do guys think about Nikita using too many tan filters and other stuff like that? Does it seem normal to you? Let me know in the comments below.

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