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Danielle Cohn & Mikey Tua are engaged?

Danielle Cohn & Mikey Tua are engaged?

Danielle Cohn and Mikey Tua have proved time and again that they are inseparable. They are focusing to be the next power couple on the internet, even though Danielle is still under 18. Mikey has been living with Danielle’s family for quite some time now. He even turned 18 while being with Dani, and she even got a house in Florida for him. Considering Mikey is 18 and Danielle is 16 (or 14), all of these seem to be too big steps for teenagers. But the hatred on the internet did not stop Mikey from proving to the world that he is very serious about Danielle Cohn. And he even surprised her with a promise ring recently. Are they on their way to official engagement?

Mikey Tua, Danielle Cohn & a promise ring

The concept of promise ring is actually really cute, especially for people who fall in love at a young age and cannot get engaged like adults. It is different from engagement, and it can be classified as pre-engagement ring.

Moreover, experts also advise not to kneel while giving someone a promise ring. It stands for a symbol of commitment, not of marriage. However, it often leads to official engagement and then marriage, if everything goes smoothly and the couple does not fall out of love.

In case of Danielle Cohn & Mikey Tua, they have proved it that they really love each other and they are not falling out of love, at least for now. So the promise ring should not surprise their fans. Even Danielle did not seem to be that surprised when Mikey Tua gave her the ring.

Before they broke up for a few months last year, Mikey Tua gave her a promise ring back then as well. This makes it the 2nd, or 3rd promise ring from Mikey Tua to Danielle Cohn.

Ethan Fair’s promise ring

Mikey Tua is not the only boyfriend who got Danielle Cohn promise rings. During her relationship with Ethan Fair after breaking up with Mikey Tua, Danielle got a promise ring from Ethan as well.

Ethan uploaded the whole surprise video on his YouTube channel on January 5, 2020. On January 17, 2020, Danielle Cohn uploaded the breakup confirmation video on her YouTube channel. Ethan broke up with her to focus on himself and his future, career-wise. Within those 2 weeks, nobody knows what really happened that led from a promise ring to a breakup.

What we do know now is, Danielle Cohn went through an abortion after her breakup with Ethan Fair. And she has confirmed that Ethan was not there for her. On the other hand, Ethan confirmed that he was hospitalized due to his health issues.

The concept of promise ring is not new to Danielle Cohn. Some fans even believe that this whole promise ring scenes are scripted for views and to keep the fans entertained. Will Mikey Tua get an official engagement ring for Danielle Cohn once she turns 18? Only time will tell. Her age is still a controversy.