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We Stan Alyssa Milano’s Hope Project Middle School Book

Alyssa Milano is one of the most popular political activists out there who has been quite vocal about issues that matter. She was there to bring awareness to the #MeToo movement and is always on a mission to empower and support women. Moreover, the Charmed actress is also quite a vocal critic of the unfair policies of President Donald Trump. She’s also a talented actress, producer, and singer. Now Milano has a new project: Alyssa Milano’s Hope: Project Middle School book! It’s an audiobook series that is going to revolve around one inspirational girl, Hope.

Alyssa Milano’s Hope: Project Middle School  | A Book With a Unique Message

Alyssa Milano’s Hope: Project Middle School book is unique. It focuses on the struggles of a 6th grader by the name of Hope. She is suddenly dealing with the politics of real-life when her friendship with her best friend strains and Hope has to deal with sexism at the science club. Though, Hope is hopeful that she can make matters right.  No matter what, this young girl is always going to stand up for justice and what’s right. Her idol is Galaxy Girl, a ‘Wonder Woman meets Doctor Who meets Bill Nye the Science Guy’, whose mantra is ‘Be like the brightest star’. For Hope, being the brightest star is being the most helpful and kindest person possible.

Hope Wants to Make a Difference in the World

In Alyssa Milano’s Hope: Project Middle School, we see a girl that is adamant about becoming a scientist like her father. Hope Roberts wants to be innovative and make an actual difference in the world. Her journey to greatness starts when she makes a new friend Camila. Camila doesn’t feel welcome in the science club because it’s a ‘boys club’. Alyssa Milano writes the book beautifully along with Debbie Rigaud when they show how Hope is determined to right the wrongs of her Middle School. She starts with making her middle school’s science project more inclusive and welcoming to everyone.

The intro for the Alyssa Milano’s Hope: Project Middle School states:

When Hope hears that, she’s determined to recruit more girls into the science club, including Camila. Hope knows that sometimes changing the world starts small. So now Hope has a mission! Can she turn the science club into a place that’s welcoming for everyone and make some new friends along the way?

The story is also going to feature other story arcs where Hope is out there saving the world. One of which includes animal rescue stories:

Why is the Book Focused on 6th Graders?

When discussing her book Hope: Project Middle School, Alyssa Milano states that she wants kids to show how they have a voice.

With an interview with The View, she clarifies why she chose in particular, a 6th grader, through which the story was narrated:

I think children have the most innate ability to be compassionate and empathetic and they just do it. It’s part of their nature. It’s part of who they are.

Then the Insatiable producer went on to explain how the natural empathy is lost as we grow up because we start focusing too much on ourselves. Somehow, that becomes a reason for us to learn an ugliness that reduces our empathy. Milano wanted to ensure that kids are reminded of how their voices still matter and just like Hope, they can make a difference in the world.

Where Can You Buy Alyssa Milano’s Hope: Project Middle School ?

The book is going to be an audiobook series, and you can read the first chapter here. Moreover, you can buy the book in the links on the page here. Eric S. Keyes, who’s worked on The Simpsons, is the animator.

What Else is Milano Doing?

Alyssa Milano is not just busy with this book project. She also has a podcast ‘Sorry Not Sorry’, is the producer for Netflix’s Insatiable, and is currently working on a political drama thriller ‘Gift of an Angel’. Milano is best known for her role as Phoebe Halliwell in Charmed.