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Alyssa Milano Supporting Dr. Ford Is Iconic

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Recently, actress and activist Alyssa Milano added her response to the #WhyIDidntReport movement that struck up. Apparently, it originated when Dr. Ford launched her sexual assault allegations against US Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. And Trump intervened to say that if the claims were true, she should have reported it when it happened. Ever since, a lot many women added their own stories as to why they never opened up on social media. But Alyssa Milano has also taken the extra step to express solidarity with Dr. Ford. She recently attended the 7-hour long hearing in which Dr. Ford and Kavanaugh answered questions from the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Alyssa Milano Appears At Kavanaugh Hearing

Alyssa Milano is already popular for being a vocal progressive in Hollywood. But with her support for sexual assault victims and especially Dr. Ford, she is gaining much more media attention. Recently, Alyssa Milano was spotted seated at the hearing of Dr. Ford and Brett Kavanaugh. By what Milano told reporters, she was a guest of ranking member Feinstein – a representative of her home state. And the actress flew all the way from Los Angeles to attend the hearing. Not only was she present there, but she sat through all of it the entire day. Alyssa Milano even took photographs of the hearing to post them on Twitter. And wrote along with them that she believed in Dr. Ford. But a while later, a guard told her to not photograph the court room anymore.

During the hearing, Milano spent time with others who expressed their support towards Dr. Ford. She was even photographed with the New York representative Carolyn Maloney. While talking to ABC News, Alyssa Milano shared her sole motive behind going to the hearing. She said that she felt it would be a very difficult day for Dr. Ford. And she wanted to go there to express her solidarity with her.

As Dr. Ford answered questions as to how Kavanaugh and his friend Mark Judge laughed while attacking her, Milano was spotted crying. After Kavanaugh testified, Milano slammed the double standards between men and women. She took to twitter to express that if a woman cried or yelled through the hearing, people would say she was unhinged or had a meltdown.

For a long time now, ever since the advent of Tarana Burke’s movement #MeToo, Alyssa Milano has advocated for the accusers. Being a victim of assault herself, the actress has had a lot to share on each of these movements. But with her constant support for the victims, Alyssa Milano attending the hearing of Dr. Ford makes perfect sense.

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