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Vicky Jones' "Run" Premiered On HBO After 8 Years Of Development

Vicky Jones’ “Run” Premiered On HBO After 8 Years Of Development

Run, a romantic-thrilling comedy by Vicky Jones and Phoebe Waller-Bridge, premiered 12th April on HBO. The humor follows two ex-lovers who revived their once forgotten love-pact and escape for a romantic trip. The first episode titled Run gained good ratings on the viewer’s chart. Watch Nurse Jackie fame Merritt Wever and Irish grace, Domnhall Gleeson, refreshing their teen romance in RUN.

Run By Vicky Jones And Phoebe Waller-Bridge

Fleabag creators Phoebe Waller-Bridge and Vicky Jones have launched a speedy laughter series RUN for HBO. Vicky Jones, in fact, wrote and produced the show. This half-hour comedy depicts a woman, Ruby, whose monotonous life received some fresh tunes when she gets a text from her college boyfriend. His former sweetheart has invited her to meet him in New York without delay. He, hence, reminded her to fulfill the promise they made 17 years ago.

Vicky Jones Has A New Experience

Vicky Jones, the newbie showrunner admits:

“I didn’t really know what a showrunner did. Being able to dip into everybody’s incredible craft and hard work and make decisions about what’s right for the story is a wonderful, wonderful privilege, And a responsibility as well. Because there’s a lot riding on it: a lot of money, a lot of people and a lot of effort. So you have to be on point all the time.”

What’s Inside

Merritt Wever as Ruby Richardson left her mediocre family life to meet her former college boyfriend Billy Johnson played by Domhnall Gleeson. They decided that If one of them ever texted “RUN” to the other, and the other texted back the same back, they would drop meet at  Grand Central Station for a trip across the country Phoebe Waller-Bridge will also play  Laurel in this HBO black comedy.

Hence. the RUN begins last Sunday. The real twist of the series is that Ruby and Billy aren’t eloping, yet they are running off with the 19-year-old versions of themselves, to revive their youths.

Premiere Episode

As in the premiere episodes directed by Kate Dennis, the two lovebirds meet each other after a long time, they are obviously fantasized. They booked a roomette on an Amtrak heading Chicago. However, the second thought is pretty realistic. Their backstories. Soon the two realize the truth!

The Fleabag Pals RUNNING Together

Both Vicky Jones and Waller-Bridge, the Fleabag friends talked about the love pact and the real phenomena behind it. Vicky really appreciates the chance to tell a story about what might happen if they run away so that viewers can live through that experience.