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Valkyrae RFLCT Drama Divides Twitch Streamer Community As Pokimane & XQc Have Clashing Stance

Valkyrae RFLCT drama divides Twitch Streamer Community as Pokimane & xQc have clashing stance

After Valkyrae responds to the RFLCT backlash, Pokimane and xQc presented opposite stance, dividing the Twitch streamers.

Earlier this week, Valkyrae launched her own skincare brand, RFLCT. Shortly after, it was met with backlash and criticism. After she addressed the backlash in a live stream, people had a lot of questions. During the stream, she also mentioned how some friends did not reach out to her. Although she did not name any friends, several responded. While Pokimane extended her support, xQc took another route. According to him, the friends who did not reach out have their own reasons.


After RFLCT drama, Valkyrae responded to the backlash.

A few days back, Twitch streamer launched her own skincare brand. According to RFLCT products’ claim, it will protect the skin from blue-light pollution emitted from the screens. This did not sit well with people on social media as well as dermatologists. After Valkyrae faced major bashing, she decided to come clean. In a live stream, she explained her side and said:

Beauty industry reps found me and they had a meeting with me and they said they really liked my brand, and they brought a bunch of products and samples and they asked me if there was something I was interested in, to make. They ran tests for six months with chemists in labs. I saw the research with my own eyeballs, I was really excited because I thought it was groundbreaking research. I was excited, I thought it was going to help people. That was my involvement, I am not a chemist, I’ve never been to the lab in person, I’ve just seen the research.

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Furthermore, she called out her friends for not reaching out.

During the live stream, a follower asked Valkyrae about her friends supporting her. In response to that, she said:

“It was interesting seeing which friends reached out to me. A lot of the friends reached out after I posted the voice memo and when I said I was going to be talking about friends on social media. Maybe some of them got scared. It was weird that people assumed that no research was done. I care so much about my reputation and my authenticity. This was a wild experience.”


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After the response from Valkyrae, Pokimane reassured the fans that she is on her side.

Although Valkyrae did not name anyone, she did call out her friends in response to a question asked about Pokimane. This prompted her to speak out. According to Pokimane, she reached out to Valkyrae twice. While talking about it, she said:

“I feel so bad about the whole thing going on. I just hope if Rae ever has an issue with me, which I don’t know if she does, I would just really hope she brings it up with me personally because I feel like I did my best. If she feels a lack of support from her friends, I just want to say, honestly, I get it. I’ve been there. That’s why I tried to reach out twice. I didn’t want her to feel that way. I wanted to tell her if you need another opinion, please let me know.”

After Pokimane’s claims, Valkyrae confirmed that she did indeed contact her twice and checked up on her.


However, xQc is not having any of it and thinks Valkyrae’s demand for support is not justified

After the live stream of Valkyrae, Felix xQc Lengyel responded to her calling out her friends. According to him, he does not blame anyone for not reaching out to her. At the same time, he thinks Valkyrae’s wish for support seems selfish. Similarly, xQc thinks that if it’s a solo project, expecting others to come to the rescue is not justified. He said:

“If there’s a problem with the product and the fact-checking, that’s kind of like her job. If you sign contracts and you take on a job or responsibility, it literally is the responsibility of your job.”

Furthermore, he created a hypothetical issue with his game. If the game has issues, he would not call his friends to fix it. He linked this scenario with Valkyrae incident and said:

“I don’t blame them for not doing it, either, because it’s my f**king job and signed the papers. I signed the contract and did it on my own. It’s my battle. I’m solo. I don’t assume that the whole squad is on my side and now we’re fighting together. It’s just not how it works.”


With these opposite reactions to Valkyrae controversy, Twitch streamers are divided into two teams.