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Lana Rhoades says Mike Majlak Is The Baby Daddy!!??

As we all know that Lana Rhoades announced her pregnancy news when a fan called her out for having a shiny forehead because of Botox on Twitter. The supermodel shut the fan down by stating the fact that it was the pregnancy glow.

Lana Rhoades unofficial pregnancy announcement Lana Rhoades

Is Mike Majlak Really The Daddy Of Lana Rhoades’ Baby??

Anyways, 3 minutes into the Vlog, Lana shares that she is getting all of her tattoos removed and Mike doesn’t seem happy to hear this news.

“What did you say you’re getting removed? The Arabic tattoo? And the John Tattoo?”

Lana replies with a “Yes“. And continues saying “the hearts & the dragons” too. Because according to her, moms don’t have tattoos.

Mike: You are not getting the hearts removed?That’s like Michael Jordan saying I don’t f*ck with the number 23.
Lana: No one is going to see my b*tt anymore so how are they gonna know.
Mike: What about the baby daddy?
Lana: YOU!!
Mike: (while laughing) That’s not me, it’s not me.”

Lana!! Girlie, what did you do just there? I can’t stop laughing. She is just messing with us guys. Because she is not ready to tell us all about the actual baby daddy.

“Me and Mike chose to use a sp*rm donor because his armpit hair is in the wrong place and he has fat flat feet.”

Though I am not going to say anything about the feet part, but the other thing which Lana pointed out is simply hilarious. Later in the Vlog, Lana asks Mike if he will visit her in February and f*ck her brains out? Mike makes a weird face and says, I will bleep that so they don’t need to hear it, but yeah“. Though, he only said Yeah to the visiting part.

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