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Jaden Hossler just released a new song ‘So What’, hear it now!

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Jaden Hossler is one of the famous TikTokers who is famous for his content creation, confrontation of Chase Hudson after the TikTok drama and last but not the least, his amazing vocals. Jaden has a powerful voice and it shows. His previous releases include Comatose and Angels & Demons. Now, his latest track So What is out and breaking the YouTube as we speak.

So What by Jaden Hossler

Jaden Hossler left the Sway House along with Josh Richards to focus on his music career. Even though they are still friends with the Sway Boys, Jaden does not make much appearances in their vlogs. But they are still closest friends and that’s all that matters. Many fans assumed Jaden left the Sway House after Bryce Hall and him were arrested for possession of drugs.

So What is the first song released by Jaden Hossler after leaving Sway House. The song is pretty deep and it also feels like a clap back to the haters who believe TikTokers cannot do anything else. It also seems like the TikTokers are trying to introduce their true self to the world. Dixie D’Amelio talked about “not wanting to be happy” in her debut single. So What is Jaden’s 3rd song and his fans are getting to know him more.


The song is about a heartbreak and the guy who is suffering.

So what I’m broken

And my heart is frozen

All my words are choking

I’m so over life

Is the song about Mads Lewis?

Considering the fact that Jaden Hossler was in a relationship with Mads Lewis, this heartbreaking song might really be about her. Mads had a breakdown online after rumors of Jaden and Charly began circulating. It proved that there might still be some unresolved feelings between them.

Jaden Hossler and Mads Lewis are single for now. Whether it’s about her or not, the song is definitely about a girl:

These thoughts in my head take control

But when I’m down I beg for more –

I beg for more And I’ve been thinking about you all night

I don’t wanna fight

All these other random girls wanna kill my vibe

Yeah! What a waste of time

Well, don’t waste your time and check out the song right now. The video, featuring Travis Barker, will be coming out soon.


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@travisbarker @mooch it’s a banger eh? 🎸🤬😈🥰

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