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Elijah Daniel is pitching LGBT animated comedy to Adult Swim

Elijah Daniel is pitching LGBT animated comedy to Adult Swim

Elijah Daniel, the OG LGBT activist and a singer named Lil Phag, has been helping out many in need during the current coronavirus pandemic. However, this time, he focuses more on showing the Good Cop that he really is. Elijah has proved himself to be better than President Donald Trump and is working on something far better than anyone could imagine. In fact, there is no doubt that only he could come up with such a brilliant idea. To all our LGBTQ community members out there, here’s the news. Elijah Daniel is pitching an LGBT animated comedy to Adult Swim.

Elijah Daniel + Adult Swim = Dream Collab

True to his fans and community, Elijah Daniel has come up with an idea to start an animated comedy show on Adult Swim. As we all know, Adult Swim is the primary runner for all the adult humor yet animated content. Take Rick & Morty, for example. It’s probably one of the best-animated comedies out there.

It only seems fitting if we all have an LGBT animated comedy. That, too, was voiced by the original LGBT community members. That’s not all. Elijah Daniel has further confirmed that he’d be bringing LGBT & POC (People of Color) to work on the animated comedy with him.

The show does not have a name yet. However, Elijah Daniel does need your help in gaining all the retweets he can so that he can show the demand for LGBT & POC animated comedy to Adult swim. The concept seems to be prepared already since Elijah further confirmed that a non-binary character will also be included in the team.

What it’s going to be about?

Elijah Daniel cannot share many details at this point. However, the animated comedy does seem to have supernatural powers as well. He describes the planned comedy as Scooby-Doo meets Supernatural, but it’s all gay.

Elijah Daniel’s tweet has 529.2K views so far, with 48.1K likes and 15.6K retweets. The comments are filled with suggestions for characters and the inclusion of more communities in the concept. Some have even offered their services to voice the characters.

There have been one-off characters or guest characters on many animated shows. However, this would be the first animated show completely based on LGBT characters. Adult Swim has not officially commented on the tweet yet. However, if you want an LGBT animated comedy, don’t forget to retweet.