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The Weeknd Nails Jack Nicholson’s Joker On Halloween

Everyone is waiting for The Weeknd to drop his next album. Even, Abel Tesfaye himself is waiting to complete his album so that he can use the internet with freedom. The Weeknd deactivated his Instagram account and he is only using his Twitter account occasionally. XO fans, on the other hand, are taking every single tweet as a sign of the next album. In fact, they try to find subliminal messages in all his posts and we have joined the club of decoding his tweets. However, this time, there is no subliminal message. Even though some fans will say Abel is trolling them. Well, we are not focusing on them for now. We are just focusing on The Weeknd nailing Jack Nicholson’s Joker this Halloween.

The Weeknd as Joker

While people were focusing on Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker outlook this Halloween, The Weeknd picked a perfect and unique idea by copying Jack Nicholson’s Joker. Taking the image from the late 80s, he gave a tribute to Jack Napier, the Joker, a legendary psychotic murderer, and villain.

Even DC Comics commented on the post.

Fans Reaction To The Costume

Just like always, we have a mixed reaction in the comments box. While some are appreciating The Weeknd taking time out for himself, the rest are still asking him about the album release.

I mean, he will tell it when the tweet is about the album. (right fellas? )

And we are never short of geniuses, seriously.

The Weeknd’s throwback tribute to Jack Nicholson’s Joker is so accurate, it is like looking at the real person himself.

The Weeknd is definitely entering the best-dressed category for Halloween. Last year, he dressed up perfectly with ex-girlfriend Bella Hadid to create the Beetlejuice wedding look.