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EXO Reveals a New Logo Following News of Comeback

The drought has finally ended EXO-Ls. EXO is making a comeback in November and we have all the details for you. As per the tradition, the group has revealed the new logo for the comeback and let us tell you, its nothing like anything you’ve ever seen before.

EXO Reveals New Logo

The group has a tradition of always changing their logo to kick off a new era. The logo was revealed to the fans through EXO’s official twitter page at midnight Korean standard time. And just as the logo revealed itself, fans lost all cool and started trending hashtags.

The logo though doesn’t give away anything about the comeback. But that’s the thing about EXO. They’re always mysterious and the fans know nothing concrete until the album is dropped.

The new logo is made up of two flags crossing each other, which strangely spell EXO. Fans are speculating that the group might be going for a pirate concept. Well, who knows, but still the fan theories are quite something.

Everything We Know About the Comeback

It was confirmed only about a day ago that kpop group EXO will be making their comeback with a new album in November. This is the group’s first comeback after their album Don’t Mess up My Temp which released in November 2018. Also, the comeback will not include D.O and Xuimin, as both of them have already enlisted for the mandatory military enlistment. And for the only Chinese member in the group, Lay, there’s no confirmation if whether he’ll be in comeback or not. He was seen at the SM Entertainment building, and fans are speculating that he might be included in the comeback. However, these are all speculations and we hate to say it, false hope. We can’t confirm anything until and unless SM Entertainment confirms it themselves.

Other than the logo reveal, nothing else has been disclosed about the comeback. But, we’ll make do with what we can get. One thing we’re sure of though is that EXO is going to do something they’ve never done before. And they’re going to slay it as always.

EXO is made up of 9 total members: Xuimin, Suho, Lay, Baekhyun, Chen, Chanyeol, D.O, Kai and Sehun.