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Sean Gunn Chose Kirk From Gilmore Girls As His Halloween Costume

Gilmore Girls might have revolved around the relationship of mother and daughter, Lorelai and Rory Gilmore. However, all the residents of Stars Hollow made sure that they contributed much to the show’s fame and success. One often recognized character was Gilmore Girls’ Kirk, played by Sean Gunn. Even though the show ended more than a decade ago, memories were refreshed as Sean decided to show off his Halloween costume for the festival.

Sean Gunn Chose To Be… Kirk!

Fans of Gilmore Girls’ Kirk Gleason and the show itself know how Sean has played multiple roles for the show. At first, in the second episode of season one Sean appeared as a DSL installer. Later, in the next episode, he was a Swan Man. It was in the fifth episode of the season when Sean Gunn debuted as Kirk and went on to appear in 145 episodes of the series.

Today, after around 12 years after the show’s end Sean Gunn decided to refresh our memories of the show. On Halloween, he decided to dress exactly like Kirk of Gilmore Girls and even pulled it off! Why not? It doesn’t matter how old you have become. You can ALWAYS dress up as the character who you once were. Here is the picture which he posted on his social media:


For Halloween I’m going as Kirk from Gilmore Girls.

Not the Halloween costume we expected but a Halloween costume we all needed, I’d say.

More on Gilmore Girls’ Kirk

On a different occasion, Sean Gunn has talked about how his career took flight just because he felt like auditioning for the role of Gilmore Girls was a thing he should do. He explained how his agent advised him to ditch the auditioning for the extra role of the DSL installer. However, Sean went anyways and went on to become one of the big stars of the show. Moreover, his career took greater flights after he was cast as Karglin from Guardians of the Galaxy and the Avengers franchise.  Success awaits at secret turns I guess. Great going there, Mr. Sean!