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The Weeknd Deactivates Instagram Thanks To XO Fans

Okay, maybe it wasn’t entirely because of fans but we did annoy him quite a bit about the upcoming album. The Weeknd deactivated his Instagram account this week and it might be because he needed some space. Chapter VI is on its way, and the XO fam has been very impatiently waiting for it. It’s no surprise that the R&B artist wanted to distance himself before the album release.

Since The Weeknd has been teasing the new album, fans have been bombarding his socials begging him to drop it already. The kind of pressure that results from this may be a major reason The Weeknd felt the need to deactivate his Instagram. With millions of eyes on one’s every move, it’s hard to focus on what needs to be done. This is especially true in the case of music. In order for an artist to make sure they are creating from a place of authenticity and not getting influenced by external factors or criticism, it’s crucial for them to take space from the public.

XO Fans and Their Demands

That aside, there’s also that little thing where the XO community is crazy. No, seriously though. The Weeknd’s followers have had no pity as they’ve consistently demanded new music from him. Since Dear Melancholy was released last year and the recent Game of Thrones single, ‘Power is Power’, fans have desperately been anticipating new music. This obviously comes from a place of die-hard love and loyalty, though. And since The Weeknd has been taking like forever with the new album, fans really can’t be blamed. But still, they do tend to get a bit crazy. That would have definitely affected The Weeknd. We saw this earlier on in April too, when he made this tweet in response to his fans pressurizing him:

Besides, at times, music artists like to set up a new album release with a clean slate. It’s a common strategy that creators use to hype up a new project. In this case, it will ensure that the Weeknd’s past history doesn’t affect people’s perspective on the new album. However, nobody knows for sure what the singer is up to. So unfortunately, we’ll just have to wait some more until he finally decides to release Chapter VI.

Meanwhile, fans continue to speculate that Abel is staying away so he could make a more influential comeback with the new album. This is entirely possible as the artist has used similar strategies in the past. But it’s also likely he just needs some space from the public eye. Either way, we hope we get to see Chapter VI soon! Only time will tell.