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The Weeknd Shares The Cars’ Lyrics | Wants His Fans To Solve The Puzzle?

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Our head is literally turning white while waiting for The Weeknd’s album release. Is there a release date yet? Nope. Is there a teaser yet? Nope. Well, not literally. The Weeknd has been busy working on his album as well as promoting his upcoming movie Uncut Gems. In which, he is a co-star of Adam Sandler. The movie looks promising, it comes out in December. However, fans want a confirmed release date for his album. More precisely, they want the album out on an immediate basis without any warning, hint or teasers. Though he has not released album update yet, he just shared lyrics to two of the songs by The Cars. Is he throwing a puzzle for us to solve?

The Weeknd Shares Favorite Tracks From The Cars’ Songs

The Weeknd shared lyrics of “Heartbeat City” and “Drive”, famous songs by The Cars. So, he just proved he is a big fan of The Cars and he is currently listening to their album, or a playlist. The Cars were a rock band formed in 1976. The American Band was famous back in the days, and singers still follow their lead. Recently, Red Hot Chili Peppers paid tribute to the late Ric Ocasek of The Cars. Blink-182 has also paid tribute to the band. Quite possibly, The Weeknd heard one of these performances and that must have made him a fan of The Cars. Or, he was already a fan and just sharing his fanboy moments.

Fans Respond To The Cars’ Lyrics

Many fans are responding to the lyrics beings hared by The Weeknd. Initially, they were confused after the first tweet. However, soon a fan figured out that these were the lyrics of a song by The Cars. Therefore, the second tweet did not surprise them much. But they are still trying to solve the puzzle, wondering why is Tesfaye sharing the lyrics instead of releasing his own album.


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