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Tall Girl Review: Can Netflix Stop With These Cringefests Already

Tall Girl Review: Can Netflix Stop With These Cringefests Already

You know after Sierra Burges is a Loser, I didn’t expect Netflix to make the same mistake again. However, I should’ve known to not expect anything, because not only did they make the same mistake again, but this time it’s worse. The new Netflix original movie Tall Girl is now streaming on Netflix and I’m here to tell you why you shouldn’t waste your 90 minutes on that film. Study instead!

Tall Girl, Another Sierra Burges is a Loser But With a Tall Girl

Remember when last year Sierra Burges came out, and we were all excited for it because of the trailer and because it had Noah Centineo. And then we saw the movie and it turned out to be totally not what we expected. That’s the same with Tall Girl. Or mostly the latter is true for this movie because, by the looks of the trailer,  I knew Tall Girl was not going to offer me anything new. Also, it doesn’t have Noah Centineo, so I didn’t really have any reason to look forward to it.

However, I did finally decide to give it the benefit of the doubt. I mean I wasn’t going to judge a movie by its trailer even though the trailer told the entire story. I was hoping like Falling In Love, I’d be surprised and actually end up liking the movie. No that didn’t happen. I couldn’t wait for the 90 minutes to get over!

Tall Girl, as the trailer showed, is about a 16-year-old girl named Jodie (Ava Michelle) who’s the odd one out as she’s 6 feet tall and is literally the tallest person in the entire town! I mean don’t expect a fair and true representation of the problems of tall people to be played out in the movie. You’d be disappointed.

The Plot is a Cringefest

The entire movie revolves around Jodie and how she’s alone and facing all these problems because of her height. She can’t make friends, is at the end of people’s bullying remarks and has no scope for a relationship. However, she does have a best friend she takes for granted, Fareeda (Anjelika Washington). Plus, she has an admirer, Jack (Griffin Gluck). He’s Jodie’s friend and is unsurprisingly shorter than her.

But don’t despair because there is a charming tall hero in the movie too. Jodie falls for an exchange student Stig (Luke Eisner). They both like each other but he already has a girlfriend. However, they still decide to kiss and then Jodie’s waiting, while Stig is ignoring her. He, later on, acts like a complete douche, because obviously how could he not! It’s a teen movie, heroes have to be douches. However, in the end, they try to patch up but does it work? I’m not going to tell you. You’ll just have to watch the movie.

Casting – Why Sabrina Carpenter Why?!

The cast of Tall Girl basically is full of new faces. Ava Michelle and Luke Eisner are newbie’s and you can tell. They’re not bad actors but they’re not that great either. However, I don’t fault them. The script doesn’t really demand anything from them character-wise and if they act a bit stiffly, it’s alright.

The only redeeming quality about the movie was that it had Sabrina Carpenter. She’s playing Jodie’s older sister who’s a beauty queen but nice. She’s shown as this fairy godmother who is allergic to almost everything. What little she’s given to work with, she does it perfectly. But seriously it’s a mystery to me why would Sabrina Carpenter decide to be part of the cringefest?! Another notable performance was by Griffin Gluck who played the smitten friend Jack. Or maybe the reason why I liked his character was that he reminded me of Ducky Dale from Pretty in Pink.

Is Tall Girl Worth a Watch?

No. Maybe when you’re extremely bored and if you’ve seen everything else, you can watch it then. Otherwise no. I know I didn’t have any expectations from the movie, but I felt like the content was something new. The idea behind the movie was unique and if they had gone for subtlety, it might’ve worked. Instead, they went for the old cringy route and it all went down the drain.

I’m giving Tall Girl 4 out of 10.