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Jeffree Star and the Dolan Twins Switch Lives

We know Jeffree Star for a lot of things: huge make-up brand, shading other influencers and switching lives with his YouTube friends. It seems like he’s gotten a bit close with the Dolan Twins. For weeks, the two have teased about a collaboration with each other on their respective social media accounts. Now, it’s finally here.

Ethan Dolan and Grayson Dolan are 19-year-old twins that have a shared YouTube channel. People commonly associate the twins as being James Charles’ friends. They were part of the sister squad including the twins, Charles himself and Emma Chamberlain. But after some drama James Charles had to deal with, it seems like the Dolan twins may have moved onto a different friend group where Jeffree Star is in the lead.

Star Turns into a Dolan Twin

The two decided on an iconic collaboration together. Jeffree Star decided to switch lives with the Dolan twins. This was pretty interesting to see, especially given the fact that they are complete opposites of each other. The Dolan twins are usually in more conventionally masculine attire. Whereas, Jeffree Star’s attire is usually containing both masculinity and femininity.

Apart from the physical style changes, Jeffree Star took on the daily routines of the Dolan twins. In his masculine attire, he hit the gym and did the whole drinking protein shakes thing. And yes, Star even attempted to skateboard! the YouTuber stated that it was interesting to live a life where you are in normal clothing. He’s often gotten backlash for his different and unconventional fashion sense. But one positive thing that came out of this was that Star realized he needs to put more attention on his health and fitness.


Check out the video of him doing that on his channel here.

Twins Transform into Star

But that is not where the entertaining collaboration ended. Ethan and Grayson Dolan then transformed into iconic Jeffree Star attire. The twins donned on long pink wigs and perfect make-up. The looks were made complete with the Adidas tracksuits that we normally associate with Star himself.


Ethan and Grayson Dolan spent a day in the life of Jeffree Star. They shopped at different designer stores and enjoyed their fast food. It seems like they truly enjoyed switching lives with Star. Who wouldn’t? He’s a millionaire after all.

Check out their video here.