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Falling Inn Love Review: Watch it if You Need a Good Nap

Spoiler ahead! Though it's a Netflix rom-com, there's no such thing as spoilers.

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When I sit down to watch a rom-com, I know deep down that it’s going to be the same story as any other rom-com. The only difference would be the jobs the characters have and well the actors that play those characters. Other than that, there’s really nothing new that rom-coms have to offer. Which is sad because I love rom-coms, but it feels like they don’t make any good ones nowadays. So, when I started watching Falling Inn Love, I was ready to be disappointed, yet to my surprise, I actually kind of enjoyed the first thirty minutes of the movie.

Falling Inn Love, Will You Really Fall in love?

Surprisingly, Falling Inn Love is a good movie. Not a perfect one, yet a good movie. It’s not that rom-com you’d be recommending to your friends like WATCH IT FOR SURE! But it’s that movie that if someone asks if it’s worth a watch, you’d say yes.

So, Falling Inn Love starts off with a Gabriela Diaz who is an eco-friendly designer. She dreams of creating self-sustaining buildings but is let down by her boss. Only in a matter of a week, she both loses her job and her boyfriend. In a drunken stupor, she joins an essay competition to win an Inn in New Zealand. Obviously, she wins and then she’s packing up her bags and moving to New Zealand to check out her new property. And yes, you guessed it right, the Inn she wins, is in tatters and needs remodeling.

This is where our hero, Jake Taylor (Adam Demos) comes in. He’s a contractor and is good looking. Also, he has a really good sense of humor and is always where Gabriela is. But that’s like a part and parcel of rom-coms. But instead of it seeming like cringy cliche meetings, they felt cute and appropriate. And that’s a good thing. After like the whole enemies to friends sequence, both Gabriela and Jake decide to become partners for the Inn and decide to remodel it. Now, this is the point you go to sleep as the movie becomes lackluster.

You Don’t Fall Inn Love

Before I start tearing this movie apart, let me just say that I love the name. Like all the possible puns we can make with this. It’s genius.

Okay, now to the movie. So, as I said above, the first thirty minutes are enjoyable and fun. You’re expecting it to be bad and cringy yet it turns to be cringy but good. You go into a sense of safety knowing the movie is good and you’re not wasting your time, but that is when it becomes boring. I don’t have anything against rom-coms using the same tropes again and again. I’m fine with that until and unless the movie keeps me engaged. When the movie starts feeling way too familiar, it becomes boring. Cringy is better than familiarity. At least the cringiness keeps you engaged. And this is where Falling Inn Love lacks.

I mean I understand how the creators didn’t want to it to seem way too cliche and cringy, but that’s impossible when it comes to rom-coms. I wish they had gone with the cringing way instead of making it seem familiar. I liked the movie till Gabriela and Jake are at odds, but it’s when they’re falling inn Love (you see what I did there?), that the movie becomes boring.

Also, there’s this entire sequence of Jake becoming all sulky because Gabriela wants to go back to her old life, and even though he knew that was her plan all along, he tries guilt-tripping her. After there is a fire scene, and I’m not going to tell you what it was because there are to be some surprises left, Gabriela decides to stay and all is well.

Should You Watch it or Not?

You know if you want to just watch a light-hearted movie while you’re eating something, go for it. It’s not exceptionally good but it’s also not pathetically bad. Which is okay for a rom-com movie. Also, Christina Milian and Adam Demos have undeniable chemistry which makes it worth the while.

On a scale of 1 to 10, I’ll give Falling Inn love a 6.

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