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Elliot Page Calls Out Chris Pratt For Association with Anti-LGBT Church

The Jurassic Park and Guardians of the Galaxy star Chris Pratt is fond of talking about his religious and spiritual beliefs. He recently made an appearance on The Tonight Show with Stephen Colbert and discussed his beliefs more. But Elliot Page was quick to call out the actor for his chosen place of worship. The actor has no problem with his Christian beliefs, rather he has a problem with the hipster church known as Hillsong that other celebrities such as Kendall Jenner also attend. The Hillsong church is actually anti-LGBT.

Hillsong Church’s Regressive Beliefs

Despite it having a popular new version of congregation where concerts of the church take place, it still has some conservative values. The people who are born into the Church have no room to question it. The popular and charismatic pastor is actually against the LGBTQ community. Not just that, but the Church has a history of gay conversion therapy.

So it seems that Elliot Page rightfully called out Stephen Colbert for not addressing serious questions about Chris Pratt’s religious affiliations. Late night talk shows often avoid asking questions that may dampen a guest’s image.

But true journalism relies on asking the tough questions unapologetically. Hosts like Stephen Colbert have played it too safe most of the time. Since people watch Stephen Colbert’s show for being a constant critic of the president and his policies. He should look at all his guest celebrities from the same lens and next time ask questions that matter.