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Is Bryce Hall transphobic or not? People on internet say he is

Bryce Hall’s birthday is turning into a birth-week. Even though his birthday party took place a few days ago, there is still something new hitting the internet every other day. After his huge birthday bash, another influencer Elijah Daniel confirmed that he is putting an end to Hype House and Sway House parties. Their power and water connections are being disconnected by the authorities as reported by the sources. Bryce hosting a birthday party is one issue. Guests arriving at it without thinking about the p*ndemic is another issue that must not be ignored. It leaves no difference between the hosts and guests. Both parties are equally responsible for breaking the safety protocol. But that’s another issue. There was a news of Bryce Hall removing a few transgender influencers from his birthday party. And they have recently clarified the whole situation.

Bryce Hall is transphobic?

The LGBTQ community is still facing issues even though we are living in the 21st century. Just after Bryce Hall’s birthday party ended, many issues were breaking the internet. People were mostly focusing on the strippers and calling out Bryce for being unfaithful to Addison Rae.

Others were calling him out on hosting a birthday bash with 100+ guests amid global p*ndemic. But there were only few who talked his alleged brawl with a rapper, as well as Bryce removing transgenders from his birthday party. Now, one would ask, how can you invite someone to your party and later ask them to leave as soon as they arrive.

The Hollywood Fix, a known Paparazzi that keeps tabs on famous TikTokers and content creators, recently talked to the same transgender influencers. Stassie Huff & Leah Skye were leaving Saddle Ranch when The Hollywood Fix reporter talked to them. Stassie confirmed that she and her homegirl Leah Skye went to the birthday party at Sway House. They were with another friend who’s born a girl. When they arrived at the party, Bryce Hall went to that “girl” and asked her why she did not bring “real girls” with her to the party. And then he asked them to leave.

Leah Skye added that they had arrived at the party for only 5 seconds when they automatically became center of attention. All eyes were on them, and it made them uncomfortable. And they were allegedly kicked out for being transgenders. The influencers say this incident screams transphobia.

Damage Control

Stassie Huff and Leah Skye further confirmed that Bryce Hall came to them the next day. He told them that he was forced by his management to come up to them. However, he never apologized for what he did. Instead, he just said his management wanted him to interact with them.

With no apology, Bryce Hall continued giving an explanation that he is not transphobic. And that he only asked them to leave because he was getting fined. Stassie Huff further confirmed that she has no beef with Bryce. However, whatever happened was not okay. They were invited by someone from the Sway House through their friend, who did not disclose that she is bringing her transgender friends with her. Because they believed it won’t be an issue. However, the environment changed on their arrival, and it seems like almost every one of the guests was a transphobic as no one took a stand.

On the other hand, Stassie & Leah called out these influencers as they hang out with Nikita Dragun. They say it seems like the influencers are with Nikita only for her followers and clout.

While Bryce Hall has still not responded to the allegations, most of the people on the internet are calling out Stassie Huff and Leah Skye for going to the party. They say they should not have gone to the party because of the global p*ndemic.

On the other hand, Bryce Hall and the other Sway Boys shared pictures of their movie night at home, wearing masks and all. Are they quarantining after the party?