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Succession’s Last Season Must Answer These Burning Questions

As reported in The New Yorker, Armstrong’s February announcement that this season would be the show’s last season. has raised the stakes for both the characters and the audience. The pressure is on to deliver a satisfying ending to the complex and captivating story of the Roy family, and fans are eagerly anticipating the release of the new season.

With just one week to go until the premiere, excitement is building as viewers wonder what twists and turns are in store for the Succession final season. Will we finally see a clear successor to Logan Roy emerge? Will the Roys face new challenges or old foes? How will the show’s many unresolved storylines be resolved? These are just a few of the questions on fans’ minds as they prepare to say goodbye to this iconic series.

Here Is Everything We Know About ‘Succession’ Season 4: The Final Chapter!

Will Logan die in Succession Last Season?

Listen up, peeps! We’re just days away from the premiere of Succession final season, and things are about to get lit. We all know there’s no way Logan Roy is stepping down without kicking the bucket, so get ready for some major drama.

Last season ended with the young Roys ganging up on their old man, and it looks like the sibling rivalry is only gonna get crazier this time around. We’re talking about a knock-down, drag-out fight between team Logan and team Kendall (again), with billionaire Lukas Matsson thrown into the mix.

Succession Season 4 - Succession Last Season
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But just when it looks like Logan might actually sell the business, he croaks! Cue Kendall going nuts and trying to finish the deal out of loyalty to his dear old dad, while Shiv and Roman are like, “Nah fam, we’re taking over now.”

And if the trailer is any indication, Roman might just flip sides and join Team Logan. Can anyone guess who’s gonna end up running Waystar Royco? Get ready for a wild ride, people.

Will Waystar Royco remain intact in Succession Last Season?

If anything, we can expect Waystar Royco to come out of this final season stronger and more dominant than ever. The Roys are not the type to go down without a fight, and they’ve proven time and time again that they’re willing to do whatever it takes to maintain their grip on the media industry.

But that doesn’t mean there won’t be any major shake-ups or power shifts within the company. With Logan’s health in question and the Roy siblings jockeying for position, we can expect plenty of twists and turns as the final season plays out. The future of Waystar Royco may be uncertain, but one thing is for sure – it’s going to be a wild ride.

Will Greg become Tom’s boss?

Oh, Greg the Egg, how we love to see him shine! From bumbling intern to savvy blackmailer, Greg has come a long way, and we can’t help but root for him. The idea of him somehow becoming Tom’s boss is both hilarious and exhilarating. Who wouldn’t want to see Tom squirm under Greg‘s power? And if Greg were to end up running Waystar Royco, well, that would just be the icing on the cake.

Greg in Succession Last Season
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Sure, he might not have the toughness or experience yet, but who’s to say he couldn’t learn on the job? And let’s face it, he’s probably just as capable as some of the other Roys. Plus, with Shiv and Tom’s marriage falling apart, there could definitely be an opening for Greg to step in and take charge. We don’t know how it would happen, but we’d love to see it. Go, Greg, go!

Will Connor become the president in Succession last Season?

Okay, we’re not gonna lie, we don’t think Connor Roy has the brains or the charm to become the next big shot. But hey, stranger things have happened – just look at who’s sat in the Oval Office before.

If Logan kicks the bucket and his kids take over the family business, Connor‘s political dreams might finally get the boost they need. Right now, he’s always begging his dad for cash to fund his campaign, and Logan‘s not too keen on throwing money away on a lost cause. But with the whole Waystar Royco empire at his fingertips, Connor could finally make some headway.

And let’s not forget about Shiv – she’s a political genius who’s worked for the other side before. Sure, she’s a Democrat, and Connor‘s a Republican, but if he can convince her to join his team, who knows what could happen? It might just be enough to turn the tide in his favor.

What will happen to Kendall in Succession last season?

It’s difficult to predict exactly what will happen with Kendall‘s character in Succession last season, but based on his past struggles with addiction and mental health, it’s possible that he will continue to struggle in those areas. However, it seems like he has found some strength and resolve to take on his father and siblings, so it’s possible that he could continue down that path.

As for whether or not he will become the boss, it’s hard to say. Kendall has shown that he has some leadership qualities, but his personal struggles and past mistakes could make it difficult for him to gain the trust and respect of others in the company. It’s possible that he could end up taking some time off or even leaving the company altogether, but again, it’s difficult to say for sure.

Will Roman and Gerri get married?

Well, well, well, it looks like the Roman and Gerri shippers might be in for some disappointment! Despite the long-standing flirtation between Roman and Gerri, it seems that Gerri is too smart to let things go further than that.

Roman and Gerri - Succession Last Season
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As for Roman’s fate in season four, while it’s unlikely he’ll end up running the business, it looks like he’ll be causing plenty of trouble for his siblings. Logan is trying to coax him to join his team, and it seems that Roman is considering it.