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Steamy Netflix Shows To Watch With Spouse During Quarantine

Steamy Netflix Shows To Watch With Spouse During Quarantine

The coronavirus quarantine is taking a hit on all of us, there is no denying that. However, getting locked up inside your house has his own perks and some of you might just agree to this. Watching Netflix all day long and not caring about anything other than food, and then some. For couples looking to groove their way out of quarantine, this might just be the perfect opportunity. The “Netflix and Chill”  has never been so true for those looking to steam up their love with the sound of a sizzle, a bit of raunchiness and a lot more. We have got your back as we present to you some sexy Netflix shows you can watch during quarantine season. And oh yes, paired with explicit scenes!

Sexy Netflix Shows To Watch!

1. Sex Education

The Netflix original series is delightfully frank and follows a virgin Otis, son of a sex therapist. He tries to counsel his friends on matters of intimacy and sex. The show has more than just steaminess to it, a bit of humour as well. Perhaps one of the best steamy Netflix shows to watch with your spouse?

2. Toy Boy (Spanish Series)

This may contain the right kind of explicit scenes you are looking for with your partner. The crime drama follows a man from a group of male strippers who is out for revenge against an elite socialite.

3. Freud

This one is an Australian-German crime drama with just eight episodes. Let’s face it, there are no better ways to enjoy sexy shows than adding a crime background to it. We recommend this Netflix show to watch not only because it is short,  but because of a steamy affair it contains. Perfect for couples in quarantine!

Netflix Shows to watch, sexy shows, explicit scenes

4. Bonding

Starring Zoe Levin and Brandon Scannell, Bonding displays a light BDSM fare combined with humor. The series dwells around the idea that the main characters, Tiff and Pete, encourage each other to be bolder in the private part of their lives.

Netflix Shows to watch, sexy shows, explicit scenes

Wait, We Have More!

5. High School DxD

For those who love anime instead, we got you people covered as well. Sexy Netflix anime shows you can watch is High School DXD. It is possible that the picture-perfect scenes it has will make you fall in love with every detail about the person next to you.

6. You Me Her

Perhaps you are into exploring all kinds of boundaries of your relationship? The Netflix show to watch for you guys is Canadian actress Rachel Blanchard’s You Me Her. It follows married couple Jack and Emma who seek a third party, Izzy, to spice up their sex life beyond imagination. Here is a clip:

sddefault Netflix Shows to watch, sexy shows, explicit scenes

7. Hache

This story follows Helena, a sex worker who steals her client’s wallet who didn’t pay her enough. Seeking refuge in a nearby Albatross Club, the owner invites her to join the club. Here, Barcelona’s elites come regularly to have all of their wishes fulfilled. All of them! Take a hint through this:

8. The Naked Director

Now, this might be the sexy Netflix show you might want to watch. With explicit scenes that can get two (or more, *wink*) people moving, The Naked Director is based on Nobuhiro Motohashi’s book, Muranishi.

Netflix Shows to watch, sexy shows, explicit scenes