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Skai Jackson exposes creepy DM’s from old men

Young Disney star, Skai Jackson calls out to older men who have been hogging her DMs. Many have been messaging her and she responds by exposing them.

Young Disney star, Skai Jackson has been getting weird, inappropriate DMs on her Instagram. And she’s had enough of them. The seventeen-year-old actress called out to some of her DMs and told them off in simple, straight words. She said she will expose them and that she’s not taking this anymore.

And she did what she said she would do. Skai Jackson exposed one DM from a man who later turned out to be engaged.

She tweeted saying:

”I’m just gonna start exposing these grown men cause I’m sick and tired’ before she began exposing messages from older guys.”

Messages on Skai’s Twitter account

After the young star posted about a tweet from an older man who is also engaged. She received another indecorous tweet that read, “Your mine.” And to make things more awkward the tweet was followed by a salivating emoji and hearts. That is certainly weird.

Another unsuitable emoji read he loves her and would do things to her that we choose not to write here. But you get the gist, right?

The Aftermath

According to Capital Xtra, the young actress reported saying that, soon after she started exposing these older men they started deleting their tweets. Skai Jackson then went onto say she feels empowered. Moreover, she says that the message went across loudly and was received fully.

Skai Jackson feels it’s important to expose these stalkers so they can know their limits! She also advocates this intervention because it is important these men don’t send these inappropriate messages to younger girls while they also cheat on their wives and fiances.

Soon after the events followed a large pool of support for the actress. Many messages of support and positivity flooded Skai Jackson’s Twitter. Prominent YouTuber James Charles also responded to her message calling out these guys by saying:

‘EVERY DAY! It’s so sad and pathetic. stop cheating!!!’

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