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Shay Mitchell Shares That She is Pregnant

The Pretty Little Liars and You star Shay Mitchell is pregnant and she is finally sharing her good news with the world after keeping it a secret for almost 6 months.

The popular actress Shay Mitchell best known for her role in Pretty Little Liars and You on Netflix is now pregnant. After keeping her big news a secret from the world for almost 6 months, she is now sharing it. Following an Instagram post, Shay and her partner have also filmed a YouTube video talking about the journey. Fans are super excited for the star, especially after she shared her heartbreaking miscarriage story a few months earlier.

Shay Mitchell Shares Pregnant Photo Announcing Big News

On June 28, Mitchell posted a picture of herself showing her nude pregnant belly while posing for the camera. She added in the caption whether she was now allowed to drive in the car pool lane at all times?

The comments section exploded with happy fans congratulating the actress on her pregnancy. Her Pretty Little Liars costar and love interest Sasha Pieterse who added several emojis underneath the post. Other celebrities including Lauren Jauregui, Josephine Skriver, and Sophia Bush also sent out their happy wishes.

Shay Mitchell and her longtime partner Matte Babel also created a YouTube originals video documenting the details of their pregnancy journey. She claimed that she was not ready to share with the world that she is pregnant. Although keeping it from everybody was hard, but now she is glad to have finally shared it. Shay Mitchell also talked about the difficulties of being pregnant adding that,

I think pregnancy is awesome for the most part. But it’s also really f*cking lonely … It didn’t feel right to just put a up a photo and be like ‘I’m pregnant” and have people think that everything is peaches and rainbows.

Fans are extra delighted about Mitchell ever since she opened up about her darkest days in 2018 which was her miscarriage. So, let’s hope that this time the actress is blessed with a happy healthy baby!