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All Members of EXO Send Off D.O As He Enlists

As a fan, it’s going to be so hard for me to not to write this in all caps. Today was going to be emotional because obviously D.O was going to enlist in the military but I didn’t expect it to be this emotional. All members of EXO came to send off D.O and trust me if you’re fan of EXO, you’re crying and screaming while looking at all those pictures.

EXO Members Send Off D.O

Before any official picture had come out, a fan account of all EXO members eating together before D.O’s enlistment has been circulating. No one had thought that Lay, who is the Chinese member in the group would be included. But, I guess it’s our lucky day because when the picture of the members sending off D.O came out, there stood Lay himself.

If you’re not EXO fan you probably don’t understand how important this group photo is for EXO-L’s. The fans of the group have been waiting for ages for an all member group photo of EXO but they’re always robbed. Though the pictures don’t have all the members as Xuimin has already enlisted. However, it’s the closest to an OT9 picture that EXO-L’s have gotten in three years.

Suho who is the leader of the nine member group, took to his Instagram to post a picture. In the caption he writes WE ARE ONE! EXO. (It’s okay, we’re crying too)

Member Chanyeol also took to his Instagram to post a picture. He wrote in the caption, ‘Don’t get hurt.’

WE ARE ONE Trends Worldwide

We are One is the slogan for EXO and as all the members we together today for sending D.O off, this chant is trending at number 2 worldwide. At number one is Yixing which is the real name of LAY. Kyungoo which is D.O’s real name is also trending at number 9 while Minseok which is Xuimin’s real name is trending at 14. July really is EXO’s month.

Imagine if EXO-L’s had gotten an Ot9 picture with Xiumin included too, the internet would’ve broken.

D.O’s Gift to Fans

As a gift to his fans, D.O solo song That’s Okay is going to release at 6pm Korean Standard Time. So while you cry, wait for the bop that the song is certified to be.