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Shane Dawson Updates on New Jeffree Star Series

Shane Dawson has given out an interesting update on the upcoming Jeffree Star series and looks like we won't be seeing it for a couple of months.

The popular YouTuber Shane Dawson won over the internet after he announced a new Jeffree Star series.We have already had a few updates on what it is, and that it has already started filming. But looks like we won’t be seeing the entire thing together for quite some time now. Dawson has given out an update on the status of the new series. Well, not until the next 7 months. But that does not mean that no details will slip out. After all, both Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson keep us informed about filming and their time together on social media. 

The Status of New Jeffree Star Series by Shane Dawson…

Shane Dawson uploaded an Instagram story claiming that he had been filming the new series with makeup mogul Jeffree Star for 2 weeks now. And that they would probably be doing the same for the next seven months because they wanted to create things that took time. Dawson added that this was the first time that he and Andrews were filming for so long. So, basically, this was also new territory for them. But it was fun and inspiring for them.

Shane Dawson is also unsure as to how will they figure out release dates for the new Jeffree Star series.The duo were editing while filming! It’s definitely a hard feat for them to do. But we have some great news! The Shane Jeffree series will probably be two seasons. It’s not official yet though.

Does Shane Dawson Have Other Projects Planned?

By the looks of it, yes. Dawson has revealed that in between the new Jeffree Star series, they will also be filming with other subjects with people that he is invested in. The Youtube star hoped that fans will enjoy that content as well. Some people might have freaked out over the new Jeffree Star series news that it will take seven months to finish. But that doesn’t mean that Dawson will be gone for YouTube for that long!

Shane Dawson is a very popular YouTuber who was one of the first few people to gain popularity on the channel. Previously, he is known for his incredible works with controversial YouTubers like Jeffree Star and Jake Paul.  And his latest conspiracy series which is exposing brands like Apple and Chuck E Cheese.