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Dogs Allow Ricky Gervais To Relate To His Character On Netflix’s After Life

How extreme can you get about your love for dogs? Well, no matter how intense you get, you can still not beat Ricky Gervais when it comes to adoring these creatures. In a recent interview with the UK-based premium male-focused publisher, JOE, Gervais talked about the relating feature between himself and his character Tony on Netflix’s new dark comedy series, After Life. Ricky’s Tony on After Life is all about loving his dog, if not punishing the world. Similarly, in real-time too, Gervais finds dogs to be the most beautiful creature on Earth.

Ricky Gervais Massive Love For Dogs

Rick Gervais says,

“It’s the greatest thing on Earth, a dog. They are amazing, they are magical. It’s the closest I get to spirituality, just by watching a dog. They are beautiful, they have got soul, they are amazing, they are brilliant. In fact, there is nothing as good. Not car, not money, not even a house. But a dog, it’s f***ing amazing”.

Ricky Gervais also mentions that he goes for a walk daily with his long time girlfriend Jane Fallon. Together, they take a stroll around Hampstead or Central park, where they meet a lot of dogs. Gervais has, in fact, assigned names to the several dogs he meets daily.

The After Life star also mentioned that he does not believe in dog training. Gervais feels that training may stress out dogs. So he just appreciates if his dogs remain healthy and happy. In short, he loves to ‘spoil’ his dogs. Ricky Gervais told JOE that he behaves like a toddler around dogs.

” I am like a toddler, in a toy shop. There are loads of dogs. And the last dog is the best dog I’ve ever seen”.

But that’s just not it. Ricky Gervais believes that there is no such thing as ‘ their dog’, rather he believes its ‘our dog’.

He says,

“It’s like air or land. No its not yours, it everyone’s”.

Ricky’s Tony On Netflix’s After Life Is His Real Life Replica When It Comes To Dogs

On the Netflix British dark comedy, After Life, Tony puts the needs of his dogs before literally everything else. Part of why Tony does not decide to end is life after losing his soulmate to cancer, is because he had to feed his dog. Tony’s mantra on Netflix’s After Life is ‘dogs before humans’, and it feels just right.