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Chuck E Cheese Threatened By Shane Dawson’s Conspiracy Series Part 2

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T he much anticipated and awaited conspiracy series episode 2 is out now. And well, by the looks of it, not everybody is enjoying it. Shane Dawson took his time with this one. But he definitely gave out a masterpiece. And some popular places like Chuck E Cheese are having their greatest troubles defending itself. However, Dawson has carefully worded his claims saying that they are only a suspicion. But he investigated and we saw the results out for our own selves. Will Chuck E Cheese get out of this one? Or will they sue Dawson for defaming the brand? The latter might not happen because Dawson sought legal advice before releasing this video.

What Did Shane Dawson Reveal about Chuck E Cheese?

In his latest episode of the conspiracy series. Dawson probed into his speculation that Chuck E Cheese recycle their pizza slices. Apparently, they cobble together the remains of uneaten pizza slices to form a new one. And that’s why they look uneven and are not fresh. He claims that sometimes the staff collects these uneaten slices to recycle them by placing together and warming them. But probably the YouTuber is not the only one who believes this theory. In fact, it’s pretty common opinion on the internet.

Shane Dawson actually went down to the pizza place and ordered a pizza. And when it arrived, it did look irregular with a lot of cut marks that did not match. Probably that’s when he used a more definitive tone saying that it looked like a bunch of pizza slices joined together. However, Dawson carefully worded his thoughts saying it was merely opinion. But his tone suggested otherwise.

Chuck E Cheese Defends Itself Against Shane Dawson Claims…

A spokesperson for the pizza place claimed that all these thoughts were totally false. In an attempt to clarify the irregular shapes, they said that,

No conspiracies here – our pizzas are made to order and we prepare our dough fresh in restaurant, which means that they’re not always perfectly uniform in shape, but always delicious.

A former employee also added to this news claiming that while working there as a hostess, cashier, bouncer, and trainer, she personally made pizzas. And the irregular shapes were probably some shrinkage because unused pizzas never even made it back to the kitchen. And they were immediately discarded. She added that,

When it goes through the oven, the pizza shrinks. It warps and depending on the amount of cheese or toppings there is variation in the size and shape, hence why the slices aren’t always the same length.

Are People Convinced?

Well, probably not.  A lot many people including celebrities like Jeffree Star reacted to Shane Dawson and his conspiracy series claim expressing shock. And many demanded explanations out of Chuck E Cheese.

Shane Dawson is an American YouTuber with 20 million subscribers. This latest conspiracy series has proved to be very successful. Only the second episode with this Chuck E Cheese claims has more than 7.7 million views already. The first part exposed many prominent brands like Apple and Hollister. The second part which got delayed has proved that it was worth the wait!

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