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Shane Dawson Already Filming New Jeffree Star Series

Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star have both teased that they are filming a 'never been done' series, and could things get any more exciting?

T he very popular and ultimate favorite YouTuber duo- Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star are returning! And that too, in a new series with an idea that has never been done before. The two have been teasing their return with a new Jeffree Star series for quite some time now. But now, it’s already filming, and fans can not contain their excitement. Ever since Dawson moved into Star’s neighborhood, and the two worked together on a very hit series The Secret World of Jeffree Star, the two have been pretty close. And if you follow them on social media, you can spot them spending quality time or appreciating one another publicly.

Jeffree Star Teased The New Series Long Ago…

The makeup guru and beauty YouTuber Jeffree Star took to Twitter towards the end of last month to tease a much hyped project. And it was the return of a new Shane Dawson series on Star. He claimed that they were coming together to bring something that has never been done before. And the new project was going to come out in 2019. The YouTuber also expressed his excitement at this upcoming series, and needless to say, fans are equally enthusiastic.

Shane Dawson Already Started Filming the New Jeffree Star Series

Looks like the dream project is becoming a reality. Over the weekend, Jeffree teased that he and Dawson were going to start filming their new project.

Shane Dawson yesterday also tweeted that they were already on the second day of filming. And that it’s only Day 2 but he has told Star ‘What the fuck’ more times than he did in the entire last series. So, well, that means we should expect something even more thrilling than the last one!

Dawson and his cameraman Andrew accompanied Star to the Morphe outlet in the Arden Fair Mall where fans gathered to meet the YouTuber. And Dawson shared several pictures from filming on his Twitter. But he also made a tweet clearing out that they really did not want to get in the way of anything. And that they know that all securities attention needs to be on Jeffree Star for the day.

Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star Previous Collaborations

Shane Dawson has previously done some great work with Jeffree Star in which he brought out the YouTuber’s truth in front of the audience. Although Star had an associated image of feuding with everyone in the industry, Dawson exposed the truth which helped in clearing out his image. In the five-part series, the world got to know Jeffree for being more than just a YouTuber. He had companies and factories and worked hard in his daily routine. And Dawson even cleared how people always misjudged Star because he spoke out on what he felt was wrong. But the man himself had struggled a lot.

What emotionally moved the audience was that Jeffree Star opened up about his dark times as a kid. And he coped up with everything and all the hurtful things that people said by actually cutting himself. Without Shane Dawson’s series, we probably would never have known the human side of the very famous queen personality of the owner of Jeffree Star Cosmetics.

Inside Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson’s Friendship

Ever since Shane did the popular series The Secret World of Jeffree Star, the two have been pretty close. And things just got even better when Dawson moved into Star’s neighborhood. The two have been spotted together in Instagram stories every now and then. Dawson even received a gift collection from the new MorphexJeffreeStar collab. And now, Dawson accompanied Jeffree to the meet and greet at the Arden Fair Mall Morphe outlet. Jeffree Star himself shared a picture with Dawson from the day, and captioned it saying that their match was made in heaven.

Shane Dawson is an American internet personality on YouTube who was one of the first few people to rise to prominence on the platform. Apart from giving an insight into controversial personality lives like that of Jeffree Star and Jake Paul, he recently did a conspiracy series. And needless to say, it’s all over the internet.

Jeffree Star is an American internet celebrity and makeup artist who also owns a cosmetic company by the name of Jeffree Star Cosmetics. He recently did a collaboration with Morphe Brushes and has some Gucci giveaways going on. Other than that, he is famous for his feuds with other artists like Huda Kattan and Kat Von D.