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When Will We See The Umbrella Academy Season 2

When Will We See The Umbrella Academy Season 2

The Umbrella Academy graced our Netflix screens on February 15th this year. It soon became a fan favorite due to its unique tale of superheroes. Along with the age-old narrative of saving the world from impending doom, The Umbrella Academy focuses on the psychological issues the beloved superheroes face. It’s based on the comics created by Gerard Way and Gabriela Ba in 2007. Everyone is wondering if there’s a next season coming out or not! Let us answer all your questions.

Here’s everything we know about The Umbrella Academy Season 2.

Netflix Loves The Umbrella Academy, but there’s no Official Confirmation Yet!

The show premiered just this month, so it would be very early for Netflix to renew it for another season. However, we’re guessing that expecting another season to happen is fair since of its incredible popularity. The social media accounts Netflix is going all out to show The Umbrella Academy and Gerard Way some love!

See Netflix’s official Twitter account. Their cover page is the damn poster of The Umbrella Academy.

Netflix Loves The Umbrella Academy Season 2 Release DAte

Talk about subtlety, eh?

Apart from genuinely appreciating the show’s genius, the Netflix social media accounts must be showing this much love to it because it must be getting a lot of views. More people watching the show ultimately means more people streaming Netflix, which the steaming giant loves.

So, Netflix is aware of The Umbrella Academy’s popularity. Expecting The Umbrella Academy season 2 wouldn’t be a long shot! So, who will be in the cast, and when will we get to see it?

Who will be in the Cast?

The story will probably revolve around the siblings trying to save their sister Vanya. The finale ended on Number 5, stating that they must go back in time to ‘fix’ Vanya.

There are speculations that it will be set in the past or maybe even an alternative timeline. The season 1 finale scene also showed all prominent cast members returning to their kid selves except Number 5. Hence, there’s a great chance we’ll be seeing more of the kids Cameron Brodeur, Eden Cupid, T.J. McGibbon, Blake Talabis, Ethan Hwang along with Aidan Gallagher.

As for the rest of the team, we’re not sure if we’ll see the adult versions of Luther (Tom Hopper), Diego (David Castaneda), Vanya (Ellen Page), Allison (Emmy Raver-Lampman), Klaus (Robert Sheehan) and Ben (Justin H. Min). This is good news for Ben’s fans, who wanted him alive! We’re sure Allison would be getting her powers back, too, since they’re going back in time. Though we won’t be seeing the adult Harold Jenkins (John Magaro) but we might see the kid version of him.

And of course, we’ll be seeing Kate Walsh as The Handler who would be on the run after them. Since her employees Hazel (Cameron Britton) and Cha-Cha (Mary J. Blige) failed to accomplish their task to kill Number 5, and ended up dead themselves, we might not be seeing them return for the next season.

Their emotionally distant and eccentric billionaire father Reginald Hargreaves played by Colm Feore will definitely be appearing in the next season. And his employees Pogo (Adam Godley) and the robotic mother Grace (Jordan Clare Robbins) he created for the kids will also still be alive in the past.

In trying to fix their sister Vanya, the siblings would have to convince their father not to torment their sister with psychological trauma. Perhaps, the whole dysfunctional family finally starts bonding?

Expected The Umbrella Academy Season 2 Release Date

Though, there haven’t been any official confirmations as of yet. But looking back at how the comic book series was adapted into a web television series by Jeremy Slater and Steve Blackman, we can estimate The Umbrella Academy season 2 release date.

It was initially supposed to be a movie, but it was decided to be a TV series to be produced by Universal Cable Productions in 2015. Netflix officially green-lit it in July 2017. They began filming on exactly January 15th of, 2018.

The Umbrella Academy then finally premiered on February 15th of, 2019. So, it took them exactly a year to finish filming an entire season. Yet, it also took them some time to adapt the script from the comic books.

Considering that Netflix renewed The Umbrella Academy for season 2, we might see it sometime around mid or late 2020. If the showrunners Jeremy Slater and Steve Blackman already have a script ready, then The Umbrella Academy season 2 may grace our screens around February 2020.