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Jeffree Star Shades Kat Von D Another Time

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The much controversial YouTuber and beauty mogul Jeffree Star has his feud game as strong as his makeup skills. And it’s pretty evident with the way the man can shade every person that exists. Previously, we have seen Jeffree Star throw shade at Huda Kattan and many others in the industry. And Kat Von D- his former best friend and business partner has always been a hit when Jeffree wishes to throw shade. It has been two years since the two discontinued their friendship, but looks like stuff between them is still unsettled. The feud has been going on for about a year now. And Jeffree is back at the game again with a latest tweet.

Jeffree Star and Kat remained best friends till 2016. In 2011, he even appeared on Kat’s TV show LA Ink as one of her closest friends. In fact, the controversial YouTuber in covered in her tattoos. But in 2016, the duo severed ties with one another based on a social media argument. Apparently, Kat uploaded a YouTube video accusing Jeffree of stealing artwork from her friend BJ for his latest makeup line. Although Jeffree ended friendship publicly with her, he was not going to let it go without striking back. In an attempt to defend himself, he uploaded a video titled ‘Dear Kat Von D: It’s Easier to Tell the Truth’. Things have been ugly ever since.

Jeffree Star Strikes on Twitter Again

For those of you who have forgotten how Jeffree throws shade, here is a good reminder. On Tuesday night, Jeffree took an aim at Kat again. When fellow YouTuber Kathleen Lights asked her followers what they thought about Kat Von D Beauty, Star took the opportunity to shade his former friend. He targeted the fact that Kat’s line was discounted and being sold in TK Maxx.

Much to the disappointment of many gossip fans out here, Kat recently gave birth and probably does not have the time to take shots at Jeffree right now. But the beauty mogul clarified his shade and dark sense of humor on Instagram stories later. He posted that,

If you follow me on Twitter, you know I’m a sarcastic arse bitch. I miss the old days where you could just have a laugh and Tweet something, and it not be a headline, or a news story. I love to f**k around and be silly and sarcastic all day long, but some people can’t take the joke.

Let’s see if Jeffree will ever let his feuds rest!

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