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Jeffree Star Calls out Huda On Stealing Products 

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Popular makeup artist and reviewer – Jeffree Star has accused Huda Beauty of stealing her new product range idea. Now that both celebrities are influential in the makeup community, things are heating up.

Huda Beauty New Range a Rip-off?

Huda Kattan, well-known for her makeup brand Huda Beauty recently launched her own new product line for baking powders. Even though everyone was thrilled with Huda Beauty’s new range, nobody saw this coming. Jeffree Star, known for his makeup reviews and his contributions to the industry, soon came up with the claim that the idea behind Huda Beauty’s latest launch was stolen. Apparently, the idea originally came from a much smaller company Beauty Bakerie.

jeffree star calls out huda beauty
Source: YouTube

Now that Jeffree Star got it out into the open, everybody started talking about it. But Huda Beauty remained firm that the idea did not come from anywhere else.

Jeffree Star Exposes Huda Beauty

Jeffree Star posted a video online talking about brands that steal ideas and products, Huda Beauty officially approached him. But Jeffree Star was quick to respond and accused Huda of being a thief in that conversation. He further added that since she had issues with the LGBT community and people of color, Huda Beauty was simply spreading poison in the community. Jeffree Star was open about the whole situation. He simply said that his area of concern here was that a company like Huda Beauty was taking credits for an idea that came from a lesser-known company run by a cancer survivor.

Jeffree Takes to Twitter

Since the conversation between the two makeup artists didn’t go well, Jeffree Star took his accusations to Twitter. Along with screenshots of their private messages, he wrote that,

“Well it’s safe to say Huda Beauty is a fucking embarrassment to the makeup community… here is our conversation where she won’t admit or speak about stealing from @beautybakerie I will never support her again.”

Considering Jeffree Star’s standing in the beauty industry, all of this could seriously impact Huda Beauty’s business. Since Huda Kattan and her brand refuse to acknowledge anything of the sort, Jeffree Star’s claims can influence many buyers. What’s more important here is that makeup artists and reviewers need to act like Jeffree Star. Taking credit for ideas of smaller and lesser-known companies should never go acceptable. And with the support of influential people in the industry, a corporate brand like Huda Beauty should be made responsible if they steal.

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1 Comment
  1. Liza says

    The beef between these folks has nothing to do with the fact that Huda has great products that you can’t find anywhere else in other cosmetic lines. The products are excellent and I will continue to buy them, regardless of the disputed claims. It’s not my problem, it’s theirs…

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