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Ruta Gedmintas Joins His Dark Materials As Serafina

Ruta Gedmintas is finally confirmed as Queen Serafina in the upcoming fantasy series His Dark Materials. The British fabricated adventure series based on Philip Pullman’s novel is speedily underproduction to get air on both BBC One and HBO this November.

Ruta Gedmintas As Queen Serafina In His Dark Materials

Recently, the show officials and Ruta Gedmintas herself have confirmed that the actress is playing the iconic role of queen Serafina in the show. The show has settled the Other members of the cast a few weeks ago.

The Strain Actress Joins His Dark Materials For Her Royal Looks

Fans, in fact, are pretty familiar with this digital hacker from The Strain. Ruta Gedmintas, however, has a  sheer resemblance to the character. The mesmerizing eyes and blonde hair locks complement the description of the Queen of the Lake Enara. The queen who, basically, belongs to a daemonic clan of witches.

Surprisingly, Gedmintas is more close to the sketch of Serafina, than Eva Green, who played the same character in film adaptation The Golden Compass.

Ruta Gedmintas Is Excited To Play The Queen Of Witches

The Lip Service actress Ruta Gedmintas is happy to join the show. She, thus, stated:

I am delighted to join the cast for His Dark Materials. Philip Pullman created a magical universe filled with imagination and complexity that is a dream for me as an actor to delve in to, and I am so excited to be part of this incredible creative team bringing these books to the screen.

The Anticipated Fantasy Series His Dark Materials

Filming of His Dark Materials has already begun last month. This is, in fact, an eight episodes series based on the first novel, Northern Lights.

The teaser released earlier has showcased the rest of the cast with Lin Manuel Miranda as Lee Scoresby.

Harry Potter writer Jack Thorne penned the series, with The King’s Speech director Tom Hooper directing the project. BBC One announced a television adaptation of the trilogy, back in November 2015. Bad Wolf and New Line Cinema are the producers of the fantasy drama.

The Spoiling Law

Another unusual thing associated with the series is that the show has ordered  Magisterium to stop the spoiling leakage. The official statement of the show’s Magisterium released on Friday (August 3) wrote:

“The Magisterium has proclaimed that social media is a hotbed for heresy. Accounts associated with abominable heretical ‘spoiler’ discussions will face severe consequences.”

His Dark Materials will air on BBC One in the UK on Sunday, November 3 and on HBO in the US on Monday, November 4. Ruta Gedmintas can witness her in a great role in just a few weeks.