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Meet The Daemons On HBO And BBC’s His Dark Materials

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HBO and BBC’s sizzle reel for 2019 features an exciting lineup of new and returning shows. But on both networks, undoubtedly, it’s the televised version of Philip Pullman’s fantasy trilogy that is creating a lot of hype. Starring James McAvoy, Dafne Keen, Ruth Wilson, and Lin Manuel Miranda in its lead cast, the upcoming magnum opus will fill in for the now-gone buoyant HBO epic Game of Thrones, later this year.  While the trailer for the upcoming fantasy series has already captured attention for its starry human cast, the animals aka Dæmons too, are now dazzling on the foreground. So let us guide you through the armored polar bears, golden monkeys, and menacing snow leopards that you may encounter during your ‘His Dark Materials Journey’.

His Dark Materials HBO BBC Release date, 

Identifying And Explaining The Dæmons On His Dark Materials

As Pullman authored his award-winning fantasy trilogy, he opted for some intelligent wildlife representation for his work. Dæmons, as per Pullman, are simply a manifestation of a person’s inner-self. They can assume the shape of a random exotic species, more like spirit animals – although they are not spirit animals. Much unlike animals- which Dæmons are clearly different from- these manifestations exhibit human intelligence and are also capable of speech. His Dark Materials TV series HBO James McAvoy Ruth Wilson release date

For children, their Dæmons can voluntarily and instantly engineer themselves into various other creatures. While for adults; however, these creatures assume a permanent shape – and permanent identity. Dæmons will usually depart from their humans in terms of gender but will relate to them perfectly when comes to actions or ideas. Dæmons may also communicate with each other in the same way that humans too. But a human mustn’t talk to another individual’s Dæmon, which is; of course, terribly taboo. His Dark Materials Release date

Meet The Dæmons On HBO And BBC’s His Dark Materials


Dafne Keen’s Lyra Belaaqua manifests an anxious and equally nervous ermine as her Dæmon. Well, so is the case mostly. Since Lyra is a child, Her Dæmon possesses the ability to shape-shift anytime into any creature. Pantalaimon, or ‘Pan’, is mostly a snow-white stoat. But when he is not a stoat, he can be anything from a brown moth to a frightening dragon. By the end of Pullman’s first trilogy, Pan settles as a beautiful red-gold pine marten. But as for now on the show, the audience must be prepared to watch Pan in a variety of different, curious forms.

In Pullman’s work, Pan occurs mostly as a tense, excitable embodiment of Lyra’s inner-self. He is, at times, coward. While at other times, his conscience enables Lyra to escape life-threatening situations. His dark materials HBO tv series release date

The Golden Monkey

Second, on this list is Marisa Coulter’s Golden Monkey. While it doesn’t really have a name, The Golden Compass referred to as Ozymandias. With its lustrous golden fur and sadistic evil nature, Ozymandias can intimidate children, adults, and other Dæmons alike. The golden monkey perfectly mirrors Mrs. Coulter in its antics: He doesn’t speak much and possesses a particular affinity for destruction. The Golden Monkey’s torment-philic persona makes him an efficient tool for the General Oblation Board. Where he easily entices and maneuvers people to do as they are told. His Dark Materials HBO, Release date, James McAvoy


Beautiful, strong, and fiercely intelligent, Stelmaria dexterously summarizes her human, Lors Asriel (James McAvoy). The female snow-leopard with piercing green eyes will play an important catalyst through Lord Asriel’s fights. In the film and the book, Stelmaria delivered an intimidating, commanding presence. And this is something that will hopefully be carried forward on the eight-part HBO-BBC series as well.  His dark materials James McAvoy

Iorek Byrnison

While Iorek isn’t necessarily a Dæmon, several of his character traits offer resemblance to one. Iorek; however, is more correctly a panserbjørn (armored bear), who in turn have a human-independent society of their own. Iorek will be an essential ally to both Lee Scoresby and Lyra Belacqua, and his biological (or fantastical ) classification will allow him to stage an individualistic narrative front.  His Dark materials HBO release date tv series 


A female arctic hare, Hester, will personify the Lin Manuel Miranda alter-ego, Lee Scoresby. While the trailer and teaser haven’t showcased a glimpse of the tundra-dweller, Miranda has confirmed its presence on the show.

Hester is said to be a controlled, courageous hare, who’s wit takes precedence over her restrained emotions in most cases. His Dark Materials HBO release date, tv series

While the list of Dæmons on Pullman’s trilogy is extensive, the adaptation’s teaser and trailer have demonstrated only a few of them. Keep following this space for more updates. His Dark Materials HBO release date, tv series, James McAvoy, Lin Manuel Miranda,  Ruth Wilson, Dafne keen

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