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This Lady Is In An Unbelievable Relationship With An Airplane

In the world of LGBTQIA+, this lady decided to be in a relationship with an airplane, preferring Objectophilia. It really is surprising, however; she seems like she is enjoying her relationship with a specific airplane: Boeing. And we are happy for her. The famous Barcroft TV recently shared a video on the life of Michele Köbke, the lady with an ‘aeroplane boyfriend’.

Looking At The Life Of The Lady With An Airplane Boyfriend

Michele Köbke is 30 years old and she lives in Berlin, Germany. Surprisingly, she has been in love with an airplane from the last five years. The specific Boeing she loves is Boeing 737-800.

The 737-800 is very attractive and sexy to me. He’s the most beautifully built, and he’s a very attractive and elegant aircraft.

Since she cannot spend time with the real Boeing, Michele Köbke keeps real airplane parts in her house. She cuddles with these parts and sleeps with them.

I’ve a big model of him made of fiberglass and real components from him so I can act my love to some degree.

She met one-on-one with the ‘aeroplane’ on May 1, 2019.  However, she can only spend time with her boyfriend when is flying in it or meeting it in a hangar. Michele Köbke even wants to get married to her Boeing 737.

Objectophilia Is Real

Objectophilia is a form of relationship with inanimate objects. It is basically defined as sexual and romantic attraction towards inanimate objects. The lovers fixate on particular objects and focus on their feelings of love for the object. Other than Michele Köbke and her airplane boyfriend, there is a lady who married Eiffel Tower, another who married a bridge in Australia and more. However, Objectophilia is not socially accepted and as Michele Köbke says, people will take time to accept her nature and love. There is no scientific or psychological research yet which can prove why people prefer Objectophilia.