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Josh Dun Wants You to Watch Insatiable Season 2

Not a big fan of Insatiable but a big fan of Twenty-One Pilots? Well, we guess you’ll have to like the former too because Josh Dun wants you to watch it. And when you hear why, you’re bound to go awwww.

Josh Dun Promotes Fiance Debby Ryan’s Show

We bet not many of you know that the Twenty-One Pilots drummer Josh Dun is engaged to Debby Ryan. However, we understand how this passed you without knowing about it because the couple really hasn’t been together on a red carpet. Though, the couple doesn’t shy away from posting about each other on their social media.

Dun, very recently posted a picture of him and Debby Ryan, the latter was in her costume from Insatiable, on his Instagram account. In the caption he basically wants all of you to watch Insatiable Season 2. In his very own words,

If you watch insatiable season 2 you’ll be shocked be a few things. The first is how a grungy boy like me ended up with a princess like this in real life. And then you’ll be shocked be a lot more crazy and cool things. Watch my girl on insatiable on Netflix now.

If the caption doesn’t melt your heart and convinces you to watch the show, you’re heartless.

Debby Ryan Replies

This gets more romantic when Debby Ryan commented on his post. The actress writes on Josh Dun post,

thank you for loving me and for letting me borrow your hair for this outfit.

All this romance around us and we’re still single. No worries though, we’re happy seeing our favs happy and in healthy relationships.

How did Debby Ryan and Josh Dun Start Dating?

You don’t know their story? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back.  The 26-year-old actress has been dating Twenty One Pilots drummer Josh Dun on and off again since 2013. In December 2018, the pair officially got engaged when the 31-year-old musician popped the question in New Zealand.

Insatiable Season 2 is now streaming on Netflix.