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Ray Fisher blames Warner Bros. for less inclusive Justice League edit, not Joss Whedon Alone

Ray Fisher blames Warner Bros. for less inclusive Justice League edit, not Joss Whedon Alone

Ray Fisher, who played Cyborg in DCEU's Justice League, blames Warner Bros. executives for a less inclusive final edit of the film and not just Joss Whedon.

The 2017 Justice League had absolutely nothing going in its favor – be it poor characterization, massive plot holes, cringe jokes, or bad CGI. But, there was another grave issue that haunted the set of Justice League, and that was racism and discrimination. In the past, Ray Fisher, who played Victor Stone aka Cyborg in the film has repeatedly blamed Joss Whedon, the filmmaker, for the racial disparity in the movie. But, in a recent tweet, Fisher has expressed that Whedon alone doesn’t deserve all the blame for the racial disparities. He also blamed Warner Bros. executives and the hierarchy for their discriminatory behavior.

Ray Fisher blames Warner Bros. senior executives for racial discrimination in Justice League

In a recent tweet, Fisher specified that as bad as Whedon’s behavior was, he was not solely responsible for the racial disparity that Fisher and other actors of color experienced on the set of Justice League. The institutionalized racism within Warner Bros. deserves a greater chunk of the blame. Furthermore, Fisher named those particular executives as well, as he tweeted:

Toby Emmerich, Geoff Johns, and Jon Berg’s racist and discriminatory conversations were major factors in the disparities. I may not like Joss Whedon, but I refuse to let him take sole responsibility.

Ray Fisher also blamed the studios for removing a significant number of characters of color from the final 2017 Justice League edit. This includes Ryan Choi, a Korean-American superhero from the comics and STAR Labs employee, along with a waitress whom Fisher’s Victor Stone helps in the movie financially. And Fisher’s discontent with Warner Bros. executives and Joss Whedon became public after he told fans that Whedon was abusive and unprofessional on the Justice League set. Moreover, Fisher also blamed current DC Films chief Walter Hamada for trying to interfere in the Justice League Investigation. In a recent thread, Fisher detailed how racist conversations took place among the studio executives, which resulted in disparities. But in blaming Joss Whedon, Fisher felt that Whedon became more of a scapegoat for Warner Bros. His thread said:

Zack Snyder rescued Cyborg/Victor Stone

Ray Fisher blames Warner Bros. for less inclusive Justice League edit, not Joss Whedon Alone
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The 2017 Justice League is something that no one can ever change. However, Zack Snyder did manage to redeem his reputation and Ray Fisher’s Cyborg/Victor Stone with the Justice League: Snyder Cut. This version of Justice League was a tribute to his daughter who passed away in 2017. As a result, Snyder left the movie, due to his daughter’s death and a disagreement with the studios. But in 2020, Warner Bros. caved into the fans’ demand to release the Snyder Cut. With a few reshoots, Snyder was able to release his vision of the DC Universe. And the fans loved it. However, fans are now campaigning online to restore Snyder’s version of DC with the campaign #RestoreTheSnyderVerse. Moreover, Ray Fisher and Joe Manganiello also joined the campaign recently on social media.