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Is Piers Morgan back on Good Morning Britain?

Is Piers Morgan back on Good Morning Britain?

Piers Morgan recently announced on Twitter that ITV offered him his job back as co-host on 'Good Morning Britain'. Is it really happening?

There was a lot of debate online when ITV fired Piers Morgan from Good Morning Britain for his incessant criticism of Meghan Markle. However, Morgan’s 7.9 million followers stood stunned when he announced his return to GMB yesterday. It just came out of the blue and unexpected. So, what’s going on?

Piers Morgan announces his return to ITV

Yesterday morning, Piers Morgan tweeted that after Archbishop of Canterbury’s recent comments about Meghan Markle’s claims were enough for ITV to come running back to him. He said they offered him his job back as a co-host on Good Morning Britain, which he promptly accepted. He tweeted:

UPDATE: Following the Archbishop of Canterbury’s confirmation that Meghan Markle was talking a load of old flannel in her Oprah interview, ITV just offered me my @GMB job back & I’ve decided to accept. The nation’s prayers have been answered. See you Monday!

And this announcement really shook social media. People couldn’t believe the suddenness of this announcement, as it is very rare for anyone to be “uncancelled”. But, there was a little hint, hidden in the date Morgan posted the tweet.

So, is he really returning?

Piers Morgan tweeted the announcement on the 1st of April. And those who knew the date understood that Morgan just played a silly prank on April Fools’ day. In a video message, Morgan clarified:

So, I can tell you now that I’m not actually going back to Good Morning Britain. That was just a little April Fools joke.

However, he took this opportunity to further his war on cancel culture. He promoted his book named “Wake Up: Why the ‘liberal’ war on free speech is even more dangerous than Covid-19”. As the title suggests, Piers Morgan’s main focus in this book is, in his words:

A defence of freedom of speech and a right to have an opinion and an end to this ridiculous cancel culture that is currently wrecking our society.

Morgan continued to say that free speech is the reason why the United Kingdom became great in the first place. He said:

Let’s get back to what make Britain great; The ability to disagree with each other and then go and have a pint in the pub. Not try and wreck each other’s lives for a difference of opinion.

In short, Piers Morgan is not returning to GMB and it was all just an April Fools’ joke. But, it did disappoint 360,000 signatories of a petition who want Morgan back on the show. So, what do you think? Is Piers Morgan’s right to free speech being threatened here or was he rightfully sacked? Let us know in the comments below.