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Raj Deserved Better in 'The Big Bang Theory'!

Raj Deserved Better in ‘The Big Bang Theory’!

Raj Was Always In Search of Love in The Big Bang Theory

From “Little Lalita” to Anu, Raj (Kunal Nayyar) was constantly hindered in the love department for one reason or another. None of his relationships lasted long in the series as one or the other thing always went wrong. In the season 6 finale, after his break up with Lucy, Raj broke all our hearts when he cried in Penny’s arms saying;

“I’m completely Unlovable!”

This leads to the second reason.

Most of Raj’s Inappropriate Comments were because of his Selective Mutism!

Raj (Kunal Nayyar) struggled to talk to women since the first episode! Upon deciding to get married to his parent’s choice, he sits to help Penny practice her bartending skills where he discovers he can talk to women under the influence! This opens doors for him and yet, somehow closes them ultimately as a drunk Raj proves to be an inappropriate filterless person. He keeps losing the women he hopes to “score” with to his inappropriate gestures and comments.

To be honest, Howard was a lot more inappropriate with the opposite gender and yet, he got away with it!

Raj Koothrapali had time and time again proven to be the perfect friend in The Big Bang Theory

In the Big Bang Theory, while Howard found Bernadette, Leanord got Penny and Sheldon married Amy, Raj stood by them all to contribute to their fairytale endings. He was the perfect godfather to Halley and Niel since the day they were born. He was even there by Stuart and always seemed to be giving too much without getting anything in return.

With Lucy the introvert and the deaf gold-digger in the mix, adding Emily the thrill-seeker and well, several one-night stands, Raj had always gone a step too far to adjust to his partners. The library date, getting cut off and being intimate in a graveyard, he sure did do too much!

The final season in itself was a rollercoaster for the Raj character!

The last season of The Big Bang Theory started off with Raj deciding to get married. After two failed tries with girls, his family set him up with Anu! Anu is a career-oriented woman who despite their indifferences, agrees to marry Raj. They form a very sweet and romantic relationship as the season progresses. His bromance with Howard aside, in our perspective, maybe Raj would’ve been happier if he had gotten on the plane!

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