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Jim Parsons Heartfelt Tribute To Big Bang Theory

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The Big Bang Theory actor Jim Parsons posted a heartfelt tribute to the series now that it’s reaching conclusion. The Emmy-winning actor took it to Instagram to reflect on the show’s final season. And that happened right after people started blaming him for CBS and Warner Bros TV and Chuck Lorre Productions decision.

The ‘Big Bang Theory’ Coming To An End

Reports surfaced that CBS and Warner Bros TV. has decided to bring The Big Bang Theory to an end. Much to the dismay of millions of fans, the 12th season would be the last one. It would bring the series to an epic closure.

Apparently, reports surfaced that it was Jim Parsons who prompted this decision. The star decided to walk away from the hit sitcom which planned on continuing for another two years if he had stayed. Jim Parsons makes an estimated $1 million per episode of The Big Bang Theory. He along with costars Kaley Cuoco, Johnny Galecki, Kunal Nayyar, and Simon Helberg would have made a total of $50 million including profits if the show was not ending with 12 seasons.

Obviously, The Big Bang Theory could not continue without Dr. Sheldon Cooper. And now that all CBS negotiations with the star failed, it’s time to say goodbye to the longest-running multi-camera series in TV history.

Jim Parsons Emotional Note For The Show

The last season that premieres on 24th September has left everyone a bit emotional. Especially, the team who has worked together like a family to ensure its success. Amidst rumors that Jim Parsons is the reason behind The Big Bang Theory‘s closure, the actor decided to pen down his feelings.

Jim Parsons shared that it is impossible to imagine that they start filming the last episodes for season 12. And that it is fortunate that there are still 23 more episodes to shoot. Jim Parsons also believes that filming these will help the reality sink in. He also expressed his gratitude towards his fans. He claimed that he has always felt thankful to them and not just feeling it now. But his gratefulness is enhanced considering that the show is coming to an end. Jim Parsons also added that these millions of devoted viewers are the reason that they have continued their characters for almost 12 years now.

Jim Parsons also thanked the crew saying that they kept the show alive. He acknowledged their warmness, kindness and dependability every time the cast reached the set. Parsons also mentioned the writers for The Big Bang Theory. He even included the ones who are not a part of the team anymore. And said that without them, there would have been no show at all.

Finally, he said that the cast of the entire show are his playmates. And that he has fallen in love with each member and they are all a part of his live off and on the sets. Jim Parsons also wrote that he would miss each and every one of them more than he can express at this time.

Parson left this emotional note on his Instagram. And along with it, the picture of the star cast filming the first episode of season 12.

Is Jim Parsons Note Valuable?

Now that The Big Bang Theory is officially coming to an end, fans are in kind of a hard place. For 12 years, the show has developed an incomparable attachment in the hearts of many. Just the fact that there are no more seasons to look forward to is too much to take for devoted viewers.

Jim Parsons or the popular Dr. Sheldon Cooper has become an irreplaceable part of the show. Undoubtedly, he has been one of the most favorite characters on The Big Bang Theory. Now that his role is coming to an end with the series, his heartfelt message means a lot more than it would have done on any other regular day. He has basically summarized everything about the show that any fan would have wanted to pen down. With all the emotions bottled up, many must have had tears reading it.

Jim Parsons note is also a direct reflection on how much the show means to him. Probably more than to us for it has been his family for the past 12 years. An actor as popular as him appreciating the hard work everyone from the crew to the cast has invested in The Big Bang Theory surely stands for something. And if only more screen characters start doing it, motivation levels would run fairly high all round the year.

With The Big Bang Theory coming to an end, and this overwhelming expression of emotions from Jim Parsons, fans have a lot to mourn.

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