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All Details of Sherlock Holmes 3 Movie Starring Robert Downey Jr.

All Details of Sherlock Holmes 3 Movie Starring Robert Downey Jr.

Sherlock Holmes 3 Movie Details

It looks as if we will be seeing Robert Downey Jr. once again; the Iron Man star is currently working to reprise his role as Sherlock Holmes. In the prequel, the story ended by making everyone believe he was dead. Jude Law as Dr. John Watson is also set to return. He is also preparing his role for the movie to support one of the best fictional detectives in Hollywood.

Senator Cornelius Guest is the main villain of the storyline. The politician is planning a grand robbery to take away the nation’s gold.  He will (perhaps) team up with Sebastion Moran, played by Paul Anderson. The thug wants to kill John Watson and take revenge. Next, the exclusive report also talked about an additional role of Sidney Bloom. She would be a 29-year-old crime reporter for the San Francisco Herald newspaper. However, she is actually working undercover for the US Marshalls. Sherlock Holmes 3 movie is definitely planning something big, we believe.

Supporting Character For the Movie

The storyline for Sherlock Holmes 3 movie looks to be huge as the production house is taking on several other roles. Interestingly, we will see Dean Horace in the story as well. He is a Mormon with six wives! Sidney Bloom will possibly be reporting to US Marshall Sutherland. There is Dr. Henri Montreaux, who is a wicked doctor and enjoys when his patients are in pain. Sebastian will probably take help from James Winter, who is a black man tasked to kill Watson and Holmes.

The cast for these roles has not been announced as of yet.

Release Date for One of Robert Downey Jr.’s Top Films

Currently, there are no trailers, teasers, or movie posters. The movie is in the pre-production phase. However, watch this space as we would post the trailer right when it comes out!