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Nobel Awardees Galore On Big Bang Theory's Final Season

Nobel Awardees Galore On Big Bang Theory’s Final Season

The sterling and unsparingly frequent guest appearances have been determining factor behind the insurmountable glory of The Big Bang Theory. And today in its second last episode too, the sitcom remained true to its commitment of delivering better guest appearances than any other show on TV.

Sheldon And Amy Campaign For More Points In The Nobel Prize Race

In tonight’s episode, competitive insecurity drives Amy and Sheldon (Jim Parsons) to attempt to bring Nobel laureates to their side. The campaign; however, goes futile when the Nobel Prize crowd does not get charmed by their attempts. On the other hand, the problem worsens as  Pemberton (Sean Astin) and Campbell (Kal Penn) find acknowledgment in America with their publicity tour.

To get the real-time Nobel winners on their side, Amy and Sheldon (Jim Parsons) try some loving gestures. Amy asks Penny for some cookie dough to make treats for the special guests. The recipe; however, fails to achieve its objective. In fact, it imbues an effect completely opposite of the expected reactions. As Amy and Sheldon (Jim Parsons) sit down for dinner, having dispatched all the cookie consignments, a recipient sends Sheldon a picture of cookies that he had arranged to read ‘f*** you. ‘

Nobel Awardees Grace The Big Bang Theory

The episode’s first guest star- the 2006 Nobel physics prize honoree- George F. Smoot, throws away Sheldon’s parcel the moment he reads his name.  2017’s recipient Kip Thorne also casually follows suit. The consignment finally reaches another Nobel laureate Frances H. Arnold. While she initially acknowledges the loving gesture, eventually she too throws the box away once she examines its obnoxious contents.

The Big Bang Theory To Air Its Series Finale In Two Weeks

The Big Bang Theory will conclude its 12 season run with its series finale next to next week. While the show’s creators Bill Prady, Steve Holland, and Steve Molaro have categorically refused to comment on how the show’s finale will unfold, they have; however, promised that it won’t happen without a few surprises.

Talking about the end, Executive producer Bill Prady revealed.

‘There are still pieces of the [finale] we have to figure out. We know some of the “what”. We don’t know all of the “how”.