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Nina Dobrev Collaborates With Scott Eastwood For A Conversational Podcast About Her Life

Audio-only experiences have only evolved to tell more compelling, gripping stories. Connecting yourself to your device, and getting lost in a fictional-realm which you create on your own is an experience more satisfying than any visual masterpiece. And since non-visual sagas have fared so well, content creators are also considering the medium to communicate engaging non-fiction stories. Recently, Suicide Squad’s collaborated with Fam’s Nina Dobrev for his conversational podcast, Live Life Better. The self-help podcast is available for download on iTunes, and it holds a 5-star customer rating based on 200+ reviews.

Scott Eastwood And His Successful Podcast Series ‘Live Life Better’

Live Life Better is a conversational podcast from actor Scott Eastwood with industry-leading guests including health & fitness professionals, entertainers, researchers, scientists, reporters, explorers and others. There are currently about 21 episodes available to download. The conversations with professionals such as Jeff O’ Connell, Mark Divine, Drew Manning, and many others are available.

The first part came out last year in June, where Scott Eastwood got his best buddy Bre on board to discuss to talk about celebrity, relationships, basketball, echo-chambers, fake news and health. Subsequent parts have not ceased production. In fact, every new part is available for free on the iTunes store.

Nina Dobrev Discusses Her Adventurous Life On Live Life Better With Scott Eastwood

The series latest episode is also out now. Featuring Nina Dobrev as the celebrity guest, the podcast delves into how challenges shaped the Fam actress’ career. The podcast introduces Nina Dobrev as an actress and all-around awesome woman living her best life, known for Vampire Diaries, Fam and dozens of other great roles. It later goes on narrate the salient features of her adventurous life, while also letting the audience take away some sensible messages from the narration.

Fam Actress Nina Dobrev Has An Important Message On Equal Pay Day

Although her comeback vehicle ‘Fam’ is on the bubble, Dobrev is high in spirits and quite excited about what is to come ahead. The actress recently also made headlines by shining some insightful light on Equal Pay Day. Nina Dobrev insisted that

‘People should be compensated for work. Not for race, colour, or gender.’

Her strong statements have become the driving slogans of several campaigns calling for equal wages.